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BLONDIEGRRL Posts: 1,174
1/13/12 10:46 A

This might not work if you're having to pack a lunch, but a good, super-low-calorie meal I fix at home is an omelet with Egg Beaters (egg whites), veggies, and a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese. I can't remember exactly how many calories that is, but it's well under 150. The protein helps fill me up, too.

As long as you're eating the recommended calories a day, a series of small meals will be fine.

1/13/12 8:41 A

i always eat in my calorie range 1200 to 1500, jus between work and working out and helping people all the time. i dont git to track every calorie. i know the conquences of not eating enough calories.

u ALL are so awesome to be so helpful!

i have not bought any new junk food to put into my that wont be on my food tracker anymore.

i picked up some pregresso & extra veggies!

LIVINGPROOF006 Posts: 918
1/12/12 5:26 P

It is very possible!! A nice big salad with lots of veggies or a bowl of certain soups.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,274
1/12/12 3:53 P

You can make a veggie curry for under 150 cals.
The other day I found a new breakfast that runs right about 150 ( I too snack all day, so my meals and snacks run about 200 a pop, though it balances out because I eat eight of them). It was a third of a container of Greek yogurt with a half teaspoon of honey, a splash of vanilla, a third of a crunchy granola bar and a half cup of blackberries.
Crackers and cheese could also work for you.
And you can divide many things down to fit a smaller meal range. just think of what you want and size down the portions until they fit.

LAETU5 Posts: 1,405
1/12/12 12:34 P

Make a big batch of broth based soup that contains veggies and some protein; enough to cover the work week lunches. Better for you and cheaper than cans. There are a lot of 150 cal per cup soup recipes out there.

BAREFOOT-LISA Posts: 1,412
1/12/12 12:15 P

If that is what you want to do, there are several soups that are under 150.
Some other ideas:

Veggie stir-fry
Small cut of fish with veggie sides
Healthy Life 45 calorie bread with nut butter and fruit salad side
2 oz chicken breast with veggies
Large spinach salad with oil and vinegar and some veggies
Half cup cottage cheese and salad
Tuna salad made with low fat italian dressing instead of mayo served open face on 1 slice of bread
low fat yogurt and fruit

Or google some 300 calorie meal ideas and have it 2 days in a row.
I feel like it is low for lunch, but if you are eating your 100 calorie snacks and making good choices with those snacks (fruits, veggies, yogurts vs. cookies etc) then you should be fine to have your small lunch and then a snack when you are hungry.
Sometimes I make a 300-400 calorie lunch and eat half at lunch and the other half later when I am hungry again, so I get it.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,289
1/12/12 12:15 P


Okay so now I see why you're wanting 150 calorie lunch ideas.... It is indeed true that we can break up our calories any way we want to. I must admit that I took a peek at your Nutrition Tracker, and I'm hoping the really low calorie days are ones where you just didn't finish all your tracking. Because it's important for us to eat enough.

That said, lunch ideas--

Many soups have less than 150 calories.

Huge plate of vegetables (not just lettuce) with a couple ounces of tuna or chicken (both of those are about 32 - 33 calories an ounce). Or top your salad with a cut-up slice of cheese (most prepackaged "regular" sliced cheese is 3/4 ounce) and have a couple Triscuit crackers (less than 20 calories each).

Cottage cheese or low fat low carb yogurt with a small piece of fruit

A lot of times, I'll "play" with the Nutrition Tracker, looking at what I have on hand and figuring out what I can eat for how many calories.

SKINNYJWO10 Posts: 511
1/12/12 11:49 A

I agree with bitterquill..Absolutely NOT judging. We are all here to "help" each other not judge. It is VERY hard to get adequate nutrition for anyone eating under 1200 calories and according to her page that's what is happening. I try to offer advice not judgement because quite frankly thats what this site is about. helping. offering get and keep you healthy..for life..not for a meal, or a day or a week.

I personally feel better physically and mentally if my meals are on the more balanced side such as (300, 300, 400, 200) etc. It's true you could sit down and eat a value meal from mcdonalds for 1200 calories and make that your only meal for the day; however, that will not get you to your goal of living a healthy lifestyle.

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
1/12/12 11:39 A

YELLOWDAHLIA, that's true. You can eat all your calories at once, if you really want to, or broken into a bunch of 100-calorie mini-meals spread throughout the day. Neither will stop you from losing weight. That wasn't what people were worried about.

I don't think people were trying to judge, just expressing concern, because we were worried that she might be under-eating. Which, according to her tracker, isn't inaccurate. It's definitely good to ignore baseless criticism, but that's not what people were offering. If the OP is really eating less than 700 calories on most days, she could be doing serious harm to her body. Even more so if a good portion of those calories come from less-than-ideal foods.

FWIW, my intake isn't perfect, either, and I wasn't claiming that it is. I have to work hard not to under-eat, a lot of the time, and I sometimes eat too many processed foods and not enough veggies. I own the flaws in my diet, and try to be proactive in changing them. CITRUSLOSER can do the same, if she chooses. :)

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YELLOWDAHLIA SparkPoints: (94,861)
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1/12/12 11:36 A

The way you want to divide up your calories every day is completely up to you. Do what works for you and ignore everyone else.

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
1/12/12 11:23 A

There are plenty of veggie-heavy meals that fall into that category range, but for myself, I agree with MISSRUTH. 150 calories is far more suited for a snack than a meal. You can load up on veggies and add a little protein for 150 calories, no problem. I tend to prefer lunches with a few more calories, though.

My breakfasts and lunches tend to be on the small side, too. They are usually around 250 calories because I eat tons of small snacks and larger dinners. If you're shooting for 150 calorie lunches, I hope you're eating more during the rest of the day. 450+150+300 (with another 300 calories for snacks) isn't inherently bad if it works for you, but you have to be careful to get at least that amount, and from very healthy sources. It's hard to get all the proper nutrients on 1200 calories even if you eat a perfect diet loaded with fresh veggies, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins, and low in sodium and processed foods. That's why SP has that minimum in the first place.

I looked at your tracker too, and I have to agree with WANT2BESKINNY2. You are dramatically under-eating most of the time and the majority of the food you're eating isn't very nutritious. I know that you recently posted regarding your very small grocery budget, but there are other healthy ways to eat cheap besides starving or relying on junk food that you can get on sale. There are several threads out there right now.

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SKINNYJWO10 Posts: 511
1/12/12 11:21 A

I agree. That calorie range is super low for lunch. I've taken a look at your food tracker and to be honest I am VERY concerned. I am hoping that your tracker is just "incomplete" as most days your calorie ranges are under 700 for the entire day. I hope this is just a mistake with logging your info. This is an extremely low and very dangerous calorie range for anyone of any weight.

1/12/12 11:20 A

oh thanks...i was thinking 450 breakfast, 100 for 3 snacks during the day, 150 for lunch, and 300 for dinner??? that is not right?

YELLOWDAHLIA SparkPoints: (94,861)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 13,413
1/12/12 11:17 A

Progresso Chicken & Barley soup is only 160 calories for the whole can.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,289
1/12/12 11:07 A

The much bigger question, is why are you needing lunch ideas that are under 150 calories? The very lowest amount of calories a grown woman needs just for her body to function properly is 1200 per day. Even going that low, you could split them up with 300 per meal and then 300 left for snacks.

1/12/12 11:00 A

other then a honeymoon salid (lett-uce alone) there another lunch under 150 calories i can eat???

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