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2/19/14 5:31 P

Before I exercised it was normal, the cardiac guy said to carry on and my Dr said not to worry.

Blood test came back ok

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2/19/14 1:38 P

You may want to have your thyroid checked, hypothyroidism can be a reason for low blood pressure and a slow heart rate.

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2/19/14 4:59 A

I took my BP the other day and and found that it was 116 over 52 pulse was not much higher

Resting HR is in the mid to upper 40's. My doctor said don't worry about it but from what I have read I should be. I do feel normal with no problem but I do have trouble getting my HR up over 100 unless I run.

With walking it sticks around 96 and then creeps up to around the 114. It I run I can get it up to 140 or just under.

My cholesterol is 1.3 checked last November

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7/6/13 6:51 A

I have had low blood pressure most of my life - now it's high blood pressure. There is little concern out there for low blood pressure, but I know It made me extremely tired all the time and I also "blacked out" a lot after rising from a sitting position.

Oddly enough I have always had a high pulse rate, even at rest. I'm fit but have concerns.

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7/6/13 3:50 A

When I bought a HRM I watched my resting heart rate drop from around 50 to the low 30's. The doctor sent me to the hospital for an ECG. The Cardio Guy told me that the eye medication that I am on is a beta blocker and that there is nothing wrong with my heart. This of course was great news as I could carry on with my exercises.

I also find that my BP is anywhere between 110 and 130 over 65.

I have read of a couple who have a resting heart rate of 20 and 29 with no ill effects

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3/26/13 4:38 P

I have been dealing with low blood pressure and my doctor does not seem concerned. He just keeps telling me to drink more water to get the blood pressure up. If I drink anymore water, I will float away!

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3/26/13 4:04 P


I sent you an email emoticon

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3/19/13 9:17 A

What would be some signs of being symptomatic?

HEALER1 Posts: 1,145
3/18/13 5:12 P

If you are symptomatic with a low BP and HR you need to go to your Healthcare provider and get checked out.

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3/18/13 3:45 P

Yes. My mother died of heart failure after several strokes and heart attacks and she had always had some sort of vascular and circulation issues. She was a 30 year smoker and was very inactive, though. I was inactive for 18 years, have always been a non-smoker but had very poor eating habits until 2010. I guess getting a second opinion would be a good idea.

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
3/18/13 3:05 P

my resting heart rate is 50 bpm (tested today) although I've seen it go as low as 42; and although my BP is normal (117/65), I too have orthostatic hypotension like it sounds like you do.

my understanding is that bradycardia - as long as you don't have other symptoms - isn't a problem, especially if you're active. I do consider myself an athlete (even though I don't look like one) and I don't have any bad effects so I don't worry about it. I always bring it up at dr's and always get told not to worry about it. I had a treadmill stress test a few years ago and everything was fine so I think it's just a result of being physically active.

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3/18/13 2:57 P

Miguel Indurain was the first five time winner of the Tour De France.

His resting heart rate is 29. That's how powerful his heart is. It takes 29 beats to pump blood through his entire body.

Some people do have naturally low heart rates and some people have naturally high heart rates. When I was having some routine out patient surgery, I set off alarms because my HR was so low. The doctor had to tell the nurses I was fine. I just had a strong heart.

Also, our HR and BP tend to be higher at the doctor's office because of something called white coat syndrome. People freak out whenever they go to the doctor, which in turn causes their HR and BP to rise. doctor's take this into account when they take your BP.

What to do ? If you have no history of heart disease in your family, I wouldn't worry. Sounds like you have a strong heart. However, if you do have a history of heart disease in your immediate family, then you might ask for a second opinion. get the second opinion for your own peace of mind.

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3/18/13 2:04 P

Quick question for all those knowledgable PT's out there in SP-land. I have an accurately monitored resting heart rate of anywhere between 43-48 and last night while relaxing, it went as low as 37. I also have low blood pressure and more often than not feel a bit light-headed when I rise after sitting.

I have been flagged several times when donating blood for my low heart rate, but at the Dr's office my BP and HR don't seem to be a concern and tend to be a bit higher there also.

Should I be concerned and a bit more assertive with my GP in order to have some more investigation done?

BTW, for the record, I have read that the more fit you are the lower your heart rate. I am physically active but by no means am what I would call an athlete. I do not run or do any sport or activity competitively or compulsively. I raise my HR to the high 140-153 maybe three times a week and add to that walking with DH and the dog, but I don't thing I am THAT fit.

Just looking for some other opinions.

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