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7/7/13 7:57 P

Pumpkin Peanut Butter Mousse

2 tbsp light Ricotta Cheese
1/8 cup Pumpkin puree
1 tbsp Natural Peanut Butter
1/3 cup Vanilla yogurt
1/2 tsp cinnamon

You can find naturally flavoured vanilla yogurts with no added/artificial sugar or just add vanilla extract to plain yogurt. Use Greek yogurt if you want it thick and the extra protein. It's not that sweet but you can always use a little bit of honey or real maple syrup.

To add... mashed bananas and sweet potatoes make a great natural sweetener

Sweet Potato Custard:

The above recipe has added sugar but it was very sweet when I made it so I cut the sugar in half. Or use none at all, the sweet potatoes and banana can sweeten it enough.

This is a baked oatmeal but it makes a pretty good dessert (sweetened with mash banana or you could use unsweetened applesauce and real maple syrup):

The chocolate/PB frosting to go on top:

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7/7/13 7:33 P

You could try custards for something with the same texture as pudding and yogurt. There are 2 links to recipes below:

The first is with egg whites and the second is more traditional with whole eggs. Both are lower in sugar. I looked for other recipes and most added fruit and used about 1/2 cup of sugar for one recipe to make 6 servings.

I hope this helps!!

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7/7/13 6:40 P

Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, I can't tolerate Splenda. I've use the powdered Stevia with no ill effects (just need a little). I've heard the liquid Stevia Extract doesn't contain the stabilizers? (not sure if that's where the sugar alcohols are... ) Not GI problems, but tingling around the mouth and 'panic attack' type symptoms. I stopped the artificial sweeteners and this stopped. I sure do miss my sugar-free pudding and yogurt. Will try the jam and plain yogurt idea - thanks.

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7/7/13 6:31 P

I recently discovered chia seeds. They have a very mild neutral slightly nutty flavor. So far I have added them to my bread recipe. They are supposed to make a good pudding soaked in almond-milk and sweetened with stevia, but I must admit, I have not tried making it yet. I am not a huge fan of puddings in the first place. Care to be my testbunny?

I personally literally can't stomach most artificial sweeteners, but stevia is not bothering me. It is available as a dried herb, extract or sugar-like powder. The powders usually also contain erythritol or maltodextrin, so if those bother you go for the extract or herb. Word of caution, a little goes a long way. If you use too much you will get a bitter and very unpleasant aftertaste. Hope this helps. :)

7/7/13 5:35 P

Most often, applesauce, pureed beans, pumpkin is used as a replacement for the oil or fat in the recipe; not the sugar.

I get the best results with artificial sweeteners using splenda (or similar store brand). Don't know what your tolerance issue is related to. Many folks have intestinal issue with the sugar alcohols.

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7/7/13 5:14 P

I personally use splenda at work and then when I am at home I use pure stevia liquid. it is expensive, however, 4 drops work well enough to sweeten a 2 and a half cup of tea sufficiently. I know it is supposed to be 'all natural' because it is derived directly from the plant and unprocessed, however, I am still looking into that. I was told, secondhand, that it is not treated as an artificial sweetener due to being from a plant source. But, again, I am still looking into that claim I heard.

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7/7/13 4:56 P

For yogurt, forever I have been mixing plain yogurt with jam. There are jams (or technically they have to call them fruit spreads) that at least say they have no added sugar. The brand I use is St. Dalfour, but you can find others in the healthfood store. Jams made like this have a lot more flavor.

But do you have to get rid of all sweeteners? If the Splenda type sweetener works for you, you can cook with it--it does not lose its sweetness with heat. (And it does not cause gas.) I use generic splenda in my japanese recipes, where just a tablespoon here and there are required by the ingredients.

You know, one thing that works is to take a jamba juice directly home and freeze it. In my experience it turns into something like sherbet.

I'm not a stevia user, but someone else might have some info for you on that sweetener.

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7/7/13 4:05 P

I recently stopped eating foods with artificial sweeteners as I developed some unpleasant effects. Any ideas on low calorie puddings or sweets or easy receipes for desserts? I didn't realize how many things I ate that contained the stuff?! I've heard of using applesauce, pumpkin, black beans etc- I'd like a pudding or yogurt type thing. Thanks a lot!

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