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FITGLAMGIRL Posts: 2,045
8/11/13 9:55 P

Sorry to hear of your job loss. Maybe this is a good time to really focus on fitness and the health. Since loosing mine I dropped an additional 28 pounds. I have since put all my time into fitness, healthy eating and my family and finally found a pt job that I start next week. I hope you find another job quickly if that is what you want.

8/7/13 12:34 A

Thanks emoticon

LOVEXAVIE SparkPoints: (42,867)
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8/6/13 11:36 P

Sending cheer your way. Someone/where else is waiting for the talents of YOU.
I hope it comes quickly and know you have many people here rooting for you.

EXCELDREAM SparkPoints: (86,517)
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8/6/13 6:33 P

So sorry to hear that, ANGLESTEPS. I hope something comes along soon that is even better than what you had before.

8/6/13 1:22 P

Thank you for your encouragement it helps out alot emoticon

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8/6/13 6:34 A


I understand how you're feeling. I was laid off from my job last year. It stinks to lose your job. When it happened to me, I lost my appetite. but, I knew I had to eat to maintain my health. You're experiencing a lot of stressful emotions at the moment, so you really need to do your best to try to eat as healthfully as possible. Eating junk will just make you feel worse.


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8/6/13 1:37 A

Hi, ANGELSTEPS - I am really sorry that you have had to experience this. I know the worry that it entails, and even the 'self-beating' regardless the reason for the job loss.

I hope that you are able to find something suitable sooner rather than later. Perhaps you could take advantage of this time to update your CV and get out there being pro-active for yourself. Make a list of the important things in your life, and try not to worry about the other things. They can take care of themselves.

BIG hugs,
Kris xxx

8/6/13 12:21 A

It's tough times right now. No matter what people say, our economy isn't really coming back the way it should.

Hopefully, things will turn around soon.

Stay strong!

8/5/13 10:48 P

not feeling up to par but trying to hang in there no matter what

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