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6/23/13 11:23 A

Thanks for the answers! I do walk outside in the heat.. wonder if that does it...

6/22/13 9:03 P

That is definitely strange! emoticon

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6/21/13 2:24 P

Could it be TOM ? Ever notice that pants that are usually comfortable can seem awfully tight whenever we have our menstrual cycle ? Bloating as a result of some water retention could cause pants to feel tight. I think most women have experienced this phenomena before.

Panties ? That's odd. Is it possible your clothing got mixed up with another person's in the wash ? Panties/underwear are pre-shrunk. And if you've washed them before, they shouln't keep shrinking. Which leads me to wonder if your clothing got mixed up with someone elses.

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6/21/13 2:06 P

There are many possible reasons: 1) Just because you have lost 70 lbs does not mean it will leave certain spots like your tummy and buttocks. If you have a lot to loose, it may take a long time to see a difference in your midsection. This is all contingent on your fat stores. Your body mass can change with increased muscle under the fat and that adds to the problem. My fat stores are in my thighs so that changed more than my midriff. 2) You could be retaining fluid in your abdomin because of heat, if you walk outdoors, 3) if you are eating more sodium than is normal you may have excess swelling in your abdomen, 4) If you are doing abdominal exercises wrong your abdomen can get bigger. 5) increasing fiber or consuming products that have artificial sweetners can cause bloating in the belly.

Hope some of these will help! The more you loose the more this problem will go away. I lost a lot of weight before my midrif measurments would budge.

God bless you!

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6/21/13 1:46 P

are they your pants?

6/21/13 1:28 P

Did you wash or dry them differently? Do they feel the same after you've worn them for a whole day? That is indeed strange!

6/21/13 12:37 P

Hi, I've lost about 70 lbs. I've been walking daily for about 3 months now and its great. However, all of a sudden my panties (maybe tmi?) and some other pants dont seem to get over my belly and feel super tight when I pull them up. Which is strange since they fit fine 10 lbs ago. Thoughts?

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