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12/28/12 2:16 P

I'm sure you can find at least one active team with women facing the same issues as you have been. :) When is the last time you've had your blood checked to see if you are deficient or maybe even have excessive amounts of some vitamins and minerals? Remember. Carbs ARE energy, but you want to have good, long lasting carbs like whole grains and vegetables.
Congrats on no longer having insulin resistant diabetes! That is pretty major right there!

Ask your doctor if you can speak to a nutritionist or maybe just get some information from him or her. That's why they're there for us.

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12/27/12 2:36 P

hey everyone,

i was diagnosed about 10 years ago. I have always had a weight problem, i have recently since sept 30 started a glueten free, low carb, high lean protein, no dairy diet, at first i felt great, so much energy but lately ive been dragging and seem to be very tired, could it be the hormone changes?? i have insulin resistance and since i started dieting my insulin marks have disappeared :) i have lost 49 lbs since sept 30 and still have 70 to go, we are also trying to get pregnant, my cycles are normal since i started this diet as well, just cant get past the low energy and tiredness and headaches, help!!

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