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Weigh yourself every day or very nearly every day. If you can make that a habit and face facts, it is harder to let things slide.

8/4/14 12:39 A

So I am back to use this site again to track my calories. I have been on and off of here roughly the last four years. When I first started using this site and working out I was doing my workouts at home. I was roughly at 255lbs at the time. Needless to say I never ever wanted to get close to that weight again. I managed to get myself down to 226lbs and I was feeling pretty good about myself and I quit working out for a while. I then started working out again and I managed to get myself down to about 205 on average. I moved back to where I was originally from and i ended up getting into the 220 range and I never wanted to get that heavy again. I started hitting the gym hard with a friend from work and dieting right and was down to 189lbs at one point. I stopped dieting and working out and have progressively been putting on weight again.

I weighed myself which I havent done in a while and Im up to 226lbs again and not happy about it. Ideally I would like to have a six pack but It seems like a hard and unrealistic goal. I am normally very good about watching my diet and tracking my calories when on a diet and hitting the gym at least four times a week.

I become so OCD about my dieting if I even slip up once I feel like all my gains are completely lost and I slowly start slipping back into eating very unhealthy and not going to the gym all the time. I know I shouldnt feel like just because I eat something bad for me once in a while I am ruining everything I already accomplished but I just dont know how to get past that point. Now the person I always used to work out with all the time has moved also and its up to myself to keep myself motivated.

So how do you guys do it? how do you keep yourself motivated to stay on a healthy diet and regular gym routine? Do any of use a dietitian and a personal trainer? One other thing is I really hate cooking for just myself and have a hard time eating a lot of the same meals over and over. I like different foods and eating out but not every place has healthy options. Do you just avoid eating out all together? Or do you only go to certain places you know have healthy options on food?

Just looking for any ideas that have worked for yourself to keep you motivated going to the gym and maintaining a healthy diet. I really want to get all the way down to losing all my extra weight this time and building my core with muscle and my chest.

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