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2/2/11 3:47 P

Thanks everyone for the info!!!!

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2/2/11 2:18 P

Unless you are planning to spend 3 hours a day on cardio for the rest of your life, I don't think it's a good idea for you to do so much cardio in the weight loss phase, for a couple of reasons:

1) You could end up losing muscle (and you need that muscle to keep your metabolism up - not to mention your job) - more muscle means you burn more calories means you can eat more;

2) Risk of injury

3) Risk of burnout.

This doesn't mean that the amount of cardio in the weightloss phase should never exceed what you plan to do later, 3 hours a day is a LOT. There is no scientific basis to the next suggestion, but here's an idea.

1) How much cardio per day are you willing to commit to for the rest of your life? For example, for me it's 30 minutes, 4 times per week (4x30=120), plus some easy walking to/from work (30 minutes per day, although below my training rate for cardio).

2) Weight loss phase cardio commitment: 40 minutes (i.e., 33% more) 5 times per week (40x5=200), plus walking to/from work. I'm certainly doing more cardio in the weight loss phase, but it's less than 100% more.

If you're interested, the first post I did in my blog was about the temptations and risks of over-exercise.

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2/2/11 12:27 P

Your trainer, unless he/she is a registered dietician, should not be giving you a "diet". That is outside the scope of practice for many, if not all certifying organizations. Also, quality trumps quantity when it comes to exercise.

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2/2/11 12:11 P

Thats the diet my trainer gave me.. He also wants to to get up to 3 hrs a day on treadmill.. I have always been active, just ate the wrong foods.. I'm eating about 2200. cal a day.. alot of veggies... I work outside as a grave digger so I deal with alot of heavy stuff which I believe my hearts pretty strong do to my activity.. I've also trained martial arts for over 14 yrs.. the only thing im changing is the way I eat... I always ate fast food almost eveyday, and ate real late... I feel pretty good!!! not as tired....

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2/2/11 12:05 P

you will lose faster being on a high protein diet and two hours of cardio a day will help. Also because you have a lot of weight to lose you may lose a lot earlier on...I would suggest being under a medical dr's care who specializes in weight loss...good sound really motivated

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2/2/11 11:52 A

Only with a unhealthy approach of doing it. Hello doctors!

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2/2/11 11:34 A

I had a doubt about AMYMEAD2011 comment on Galbladder and weitht loss. It appease that there may be something to her info. Just a coupld of threads, but you could do your own search.

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2/2/11 11:23 A

I lost sixty pounds in three months once... and then put it all back on. Slow and steady wins the race! emoticon

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2/2/11 11:14 A

I would just be carefull, my husband was in a weight loss competition at work where they had 3 months to lose the most weight and he lost 60lbs but ended up in the hospital with a galbladder attack and had to have it removed. The doc said if he had lost alot of weight recently and he said yes and the doc said that was the cause. Just be carefull.

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2/2/11 10:44 A

That is a very ambitious goal and you may be able to accomplish it, but please do be careful. I was 290 when I started out and if I remember correctly I lost about 45 in the first three months. I was very strict about my diet and worked out 2-3 hours a day. Just be careful about injuries and don't restrict your diet so much that you get sick. Good luck.

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2/2/11 10:40 A

It may be possible with eating certain foods and working out a certain amount.---healthy though? I doubt it. At first the weight may just fall off but eventually you may get stuck at a certain weight. I recommended consulting your doctor to get the right daily calorie intake and cardio. Don't forget about strength training! If you happen to do cardio & ST on the same day do your cardio first. Good luck!

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2/2/11 10:29 A

I don't think it's possible, no. I mean, you're eating all of that stuff and working out a LOT right now, but do you think you can sustain that for THREE months? What about in four months? Can you keep eating only those good foods and working out for hours a day? What happens when you're too busy or stressed out for that? That's why you should be a bit more realistic about your goals and what you eat and how often you exercise. I would recommend going to a doctor first and then, if you can, get a nutritionist and a personal trainer. :) Good luck to you!!!

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2/2/11 10:21 A

to the OP: you have set a high goal for yourself and while it may be possible, weight loss might slow down as you get closer and closer to the goal. As you get thinner, you will burn less calories per workout.
I don't agree with the advice you got from "Love4kitties" about carbs. I have been doing a lower carb diet for 6 weeks and have lost 24 pounds. I also exercise over 2 hours most days. I have PLENTY of energy for my workouts (I run, do aerobics, bike, kick box). I feel great when eating less carbs.

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2/2/11 3:50 A

I know it's tempting to try and lose weight as fast as possible, but it's better for you to lose at a slower rate. The usual recommendation is 1-2 lbs/week, but I think that they say you can lose a little more per week (maybe 3 lbs) if you are on the heavier side. There are several good reasons for the recommendation to lose weight at a slower rate... One reason is that you want to maintain your muscle mass and not lose muscle (and you will lose muscle trying to lose weight so quickly, including heart muscle). Another reason is that you won't be able to get all the nutrients that you need in your diet (so you can stay healthy) if you are eating so little that you lose weight so quickly. There are also other health risks... One thing is that you put yourself at much higher risk of forming gallstones when you lose weight too rapidly.

So far as losing 12 lbs in 5 days, it is very common for this to happen, especially when people are eating low carbohydrate diets (as it appears that you are doing). Much of this rapid weight loss is water. You lose water because, when you don't eat the carbohydrates your body needs to fuel itself, your body uses up its carbohydrate stores. Your body stores carbohydrates in the form of glycogen and glycogen requires water for storage. As your body uses up its glycogen stores, water is released (ends up as urine). Water weighs about 8 lbs per gallon... So, a lot of your rapid weight loss is most likely just water weight and not a loss in fat, which is what you want.

So far as your body's glycogen...your body uses its glycogen stores to provide you with fuel when it doesn't have other carbohydrates available (such as from a recent meal with carbohydrates). It's pretty important to have some glycogen stores available if you do a lot of exercise. Otherwise, you won't be able to exercise to your full potential because you won't have the energy to do it--you'll be too tired because your body lacks the energy you need.

So far as the exercise you are doing... At least 2 hours is a LOT for the vast majority of people and is especially a lot for someone just starting out. I think it's too much and that you may injure yourself by doing more than your body is equipped to handle at this point. I'd recommend doing less treadmill (maybe reduce it to a maximum of an hour 5-6 days/week) and adding in some strength training about 3 times per week. I'm no fitness expert, though, and the experts may say this is still too much to start out with? So, you should really talk to your doctor about your exercise plan.

You should also speak to your doctor about your diet. It seems that you are trying to eat a very low carbohydrate diet and, honestly, even though there are some people who seem to do well (or say they are doing well) on these sort of diets, they are not what the average person who is trying to lose weight and get healthy needs. Your body needs carbs...they should make up a good proportion of your diet. Your diet may also be putting you at an increased risk for things like kidney stones (perhaps due to being low in calcium or if you are eating too much protein). Until you can talk to your doctor, you might want to input all your info into Spark People and follow the guidelines it gives you for fat, carbs, protein, fiber and calories.

I don't mean to discourage you at all, just to encourage you to do this the healthy way. I know it will take longer, but it will be better for your health and you will have a much greater chance of keeping the weight off than you will if you lose a lot quickly. You'll also feel better while you are losing the weight and you'll be able to have the time you need to make the permanent, healthy, lifestyle changes you need in order to make your weight loss permanent. Healthy, permanent, weight loss takes time and it's okay that it does. I know it's hard to accept, but it's really okay that it takes time to lose weight.

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2/2/11 3:12 A

Medical supervision. That's all I'll recommend. At 318lbs you need a different amount of food compared to someone that's 150lbs and doing the same amount of exercise. You'll need to be wary of over-working yourself and your body at the start.
Put it this way. It took me over a year to loose 80lbs with regular excercise. Nearly a year and a half in fact. Don't expect miracles, but it's possible to loose it faster than I did. Do NOT do so without medical supervision if you plan to do it in such a short time.

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2/2/11 3:07 A

It is extremely unlikely that you will lose 80 lbs in 3 months

A healthy and sustainable rate of weight loss is generally reckoned at 1-2 lbs per week, although for heavier people with more weight to lose, 1% of body weight a week may be a better indicator.

And weight loss naturally slows down as you approach your goal weight.

Rapid weight loss when you start a diet is not uncommon - one of the fringe benefits of eating healthier is often a lower sodium intake, which leads the body to let go of some water weight. Almost certainly some of the 12 lbs to date is water weight, rather than fat. Don't get me wrong, cutting sodium is a good thing, but it is only a one-off effect, typically concentrated in the first week or two of a new diet.


PS. I don't mean to rain on your parade, just framing on realistic expectations. And if you 'only' lost 30-40 lbs in 3 months, is that really failure?

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2/2/11 2:58 A

Normally it is recommended that you lose 1 to 2 pounds a week. 3 months is about 12 to 13 weeks so. It would be recommended to look at 13 to 26 or perhaps a little more due to your current weight being higher. However, 80 pounds is a lot, an is not generally recognized as a good plan particularly without proper medical monitoring.

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2/2/11 1:37 A

Is it possible to lose 80 lbs in 3 months? in 5 days I lost 12 lbs... Ive been eating nothing but chicken, fish, protein shakes and veggies. also egg whites and omega 3 eggs.. I take vitamins omega 3-6-9 and a fat burner. I feel a lot better and have more energy. I'm 5'10 330 lbs at start.. I am 318 as of now!! I try and do at least 2 hrs on the treadmill at 2.9 speed avg.. I burn alittle over 1000 calories a day... Will This be bad for me to lose 80 lbs in 3 months with what im doing????

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