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4/20/12 8:13 P

Proportionally, your body will probably always stay the same shape. However, I bet your diet is full of carbs and sugars (even the "good" kind)? Cut back on your carbs and you will see some results.

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4/20/12 6:04 P

Hi All

Dont want to discourage anyone but....... I'm only 10lbs overweight and have aready lost 10lbs and I still have a tummy. It seems like its the last part to reduce. Maybe the last 10lbs will make a difference but after six pregnancies I wouldn't count on it.

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4/20/12 5:09 P

Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do about belly fat; where you gain (and lose) weight is largely determined by your genetics. Since weight loss is an all-over process, you can't spot reduce the parts of your body you don't like! I've lost almost 20 lbs now, and I still have that "I"m not pregnant, just fat!" gut that named my sparkpage! My legs are hard as rocks and muscular, I have real definition in my arms... but my gut still hands out of the bottom of a shirt that's too small. ;)

Hang in there... it will come off with time, as you lose weight all over. Keep sticking to your program.

If you're having trouble losing, try updating your Sparkpeople goals... they don't adjust automatically as you lose weight, and you may need to updated them every 15 lbs or so you lose. If you're still eating like you're 15 lbs heavier, you may be eating at maintenance rather than at a deficit so you're not losing!

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4/20/12 4:51 P

I am stuck at 215 lbs after losing 28 lbs. Right now my stomach is a problem.

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4/18/12 12:06 A

My stomach is not moving either - I think constipation is my biggest problem. Walking helps, and so does eating more fruit and veggies.

FITFORLIFE09 Posts: 11
4/17/12 11:16 P

is anyone else having this challenge. i have lost 15 pounds but my stomach is still very big i seen to be stuck at 214 lbs.

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