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11/28/12 10:42 P

found it! it is the hyperwear sandbell.


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11/28/12 8:38 P

ugi ball? balance disk? bosu?

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11/28/12 7:26 P

Sorry - never seen it, or anything like it.

634MEG SparkPoints: (70,181)
Fitness Minutes: (43,352)
Posts: 484
11/28/12 4:37 P

there is a commercial that almost ALWAYS plays when i click on the spark videos...except, that is, when i'm actually looking for it.

it is a commercial for this, what looks to be, high intensity workout using a fabric disc or ball type object. i'm guessing it challenges your stability and that it is weighted. you might have seen it. there is a girl throwing and catching some kind of fabric frisbee and then there is a guy who is doing push ups alternating arms on the ball. i think another person is bouncing it on the ground and catching it...

has anyone else seen this commercial? anyone know the name of the product?

this commercial has suddenly become the snuffleupagus of commercials!

i appreciate your help, everyone!

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