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5/11/13 8:28 P

Actually, no, they don't. :) That's because SP understands the concept that spot training isn't possible,so you won't find any article here that tells you how to get rid of fat from specific body parts.

In fact, here's the article explaining why!

Myth #1: You can take weight off of specific body parts by doing exercises that target those areas.

Truth: This concept is called "spot training" and unfortunately, it doesn’t burn fat. When you lose weight, you are unable to choose the area in which the reduction will occur. Your body predetermines which fat stores it will use. For example, doing sit-ups will strengthen you abs but will not take the fat off of your stomach. Similarly, an activity like running burns fat all over your body, not just your legs. You can, however, compliment a balanced exercise program with a selection of weight training exercises to gradually lose weight and tone the body.

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5/11/13 8:02 P

I'm not sure the name of the article, but spark people had a ton of great exercises just for that

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5/11/13 4:48 P

I agree with the idea of wearing pants that fit properly. BUT sometimes pants that fit in the hips (your bottom) are just too snug at the point where they hit on your belly. I have had this problem for a long time. I learned to hide it with lower riding pants and tops that weren't too clingy. Blazers or vests or cardigans help, too. Wear something on your neck--necklace or scarf, etc.--or something else eye catching away from you middle.
For the long run--just persevere in your diet/fitness program. Eventually, the muffin top will be a thing of your past.

JENNTRARE23 Posts: 45
5/10/13 5:46 P

A good mix of cardio, strength training and stretching (or yoga or Pilates). I aim for 10min of each everyday - 30min isn't too hard to fit in the day. Eat good fats, whole grains, cut out fast food and processed carbs, make sure you're getting enough protein too! Oh and black coffee or plain tea, things with caffeine but avoid ANY soda to avoid bloat and sugar. But drink plenty of water, at the bare minimum: drink half of your weight in ounces of water. Hope that helps!

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5/10/13 12:59 P

I'm not the original poster of this question, but just want to say "Thanks!" as well for all the replies - very helpful and encouraging!! (especially like the "jeans made for your body" suggestion!)

PINKPANTHER444 Posts: 1,737
5/10/13 5:34 A

I tend to carry any extra weight around my stomach too. I've noticed since I started running that my stomach is a lot flatter, despite not having lost much weight. Try adding some running to your routine and see if that helps.

PEEJMA SparkPoints: (41,414)
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5/9/13 3:44 P

Dragonchilde is right; I only see the dreaded "muffin top" if I try to squeeze into pants that hit me in the wrong place. You do sort of have to suck it up and get over wanting to wear a smaller size for a while. I have about six pounds left and most of my post-baby #2 muffin is coming off. I just try to eat well, do cardio to burn the fat, and do a balanced strength-training workout to look toned. I find that Pilates has helped my core get stronger and more defined.

Until you reach your goal, you can try control top tights (I know, maybe not in summer), jeans that hit you at the right place (not too high and not low--they also make non-Mom jeans that sort of suck you in). For work, I like wearing a blazer because it's both professional-looking and great camo. :)

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5/9/13 3:42 P

1. Lift heavy.
2. Eat a lot of fiber rich foods with complex carbs (like legumes) and enough protein.
3. Get rid of any remaining daily junk food, instead create an ad lib eating day once 3 or 4 weeks.

All this should reduce your body fat %, which should reduce the size of your muffin top too.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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5/9/13 3:09 P

If you have a muffin top, wear pants that fit. :)

I know that may seem flippant, but it's true! Most muffin tops are caused by wearing poorly fitting pants that mash the fat up and over the waistline. You'll look and feel better in a pair of pants made for your body.

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
5/9/13 9:16 A

There is a saying that is true. "Abs are made in the kitchen." Because you can't out-exercise a bad diet, if you aren't eating healthy, you might never get the loss there. Make sure that you are eating healthy foods, and then get your cardio and strength training in. Then the definition will come.

JJANA12 Posts: 5
5/8/13 9:16 P

ok, thank you, i'll look up some exercises :)

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,918
5/8/13 6:54 P

The previous posters are correct that there's no way to target fat loss to specific areas of the body. As you get closer to your goal weight, it should start to come off in areas where you carry excess. Your best bet is a healthy diet and regular exercise, and hopefully soon you'll start seeing progress in that area.

Hope that helps!

Coach Jen

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5/8/13 6:42 P


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5/8/13 5:02 P

When I started losing weight about 5 years ago I was at ~260 lbs. I figured I would be trim and fit at 225 or so - that BMI stuff was all wrong.

I did reach "trim and fit," (at the same strength) but it was more like 175 lbs . . . I'm about 10 or 15 lbs over my minimum, but the muffin top is back.

My rule of thumb: abdominal definition starts from top to bottom. When hip muscles start to get definition, that's the end of the muffin top and about the goal.

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CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,946
5/8/13 4:56 P

You can't spot reduce. Fat loss is an all-body process. This is the TRUTH and anyone (or any product) who tells you differently is lying.

However, you can wear Spanx or a girdle! That's the only way to instantly smooth out your muffin top.

JJANA12 Posts: 5
5/8/13 4:03 P

i've lost 25 lbs. which i'm happy about. / still need to lose @ least 10 lbs.

my tummy stomach muffin top fat is the only thing left & i have no idea how to get rid of it.

any suggestions would be helpful.

thank you emoticon

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