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2/19/12 3:21 A

My favorite snack is a Vitaicious VitaMuffinTop, esp. Deep Chocolate or Cran Apple. They are available at Walmart, Target, and in the frozen food health or breakfast food sections of most grocery stores...also online at in many more flavors. They are only 100 calories each and chock full of vitamins.

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2/13/12 11:05 P

I like to do a bag of almonds. You can get a good size bag for $4-5. One serving is about 24 almonds so that bag will last you awhile. Plus almonds (though high caloric) offer great nutrition benefits. I will usually pair almonds with string cheese which you can buy a bag of 12 for like $3 or so. Fruit is good but depending on where you live can sure add up fast. Our fruit prices here are getting ridiculous and they arent even organic. Baby carrots are good snacks with dip and can be found fairly cheap. I am in the same boat you are in and am constantly on a budget and it is hard finding cheaper healthy food items. I hope some of these ideas help a little. I am a sale watcher and wait for a good deal then stock up. Good luck!

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2/13/12 2:52 P

yogurt! it's cheap and provides protein as well. I made my own granola (check the recipes section) to put on top for a little crunch as well as added fruit.

fresh carrots and hummus is also a great snack as well as just an apple. Apples have a lot of fiber in them to help you feel full after eating it.

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1/31/12 10:30 A


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1/31/12 9:02 A

I am struggling to find nutritious, yummy, cheap snacks? I am on a budget, but I still want to eat right, so does anyone have any ideas??

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