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2/12/13 5:47 P

very informational. thx

2/12/13 5:38 P

To check the studies, go to:
In the search bar type in: raspberry ketone and fat.

I think you will see 3 studies pop up. 2 on rats and 1 done in a test tube.

And...just because a supplement doesn't cause any harm, doesn't mean it is fine to use. Supplements making health claims that are not supported by evidence is a multi-billion dollar business. Deceiving the public is a crime in my opinion. It robs people of their hard-earned money, gives false hope---and is nothing more than snack-oil salesmen.

SP Dietitian Becky

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2/12/13 4:14 P

I see no harm, esp if they help you think through food choices.

PJANTO Posts: 79
2/12/13 3:03 P

I am taking raspberry ketones and a separate green coffee extract both made by Spring Valley, they cost $4.00 and $6.00 a bottle respectively. The raspberry bottle is a one month supply, the coffee a 10 day supply. Don't pay much more than that.

I haven't lost much weight, I only have 5 lbs to lose, but I do feel firmer and my clothes fit better, I don't exercise much. I like the energy boost. It is not a nervous energy like from too much coffee. Vitamins make me nauseous on an empty stomach, but these don't.

When I do reach my goal, I'll stop and see if I feel any different. They might not help, but are not hurting either. I do feel more mindful when making food choices when paying for a supplement and won't argue that that's a placebo effect. Kind of like drinking more water (which I do), helps others make better choices too.

2/12/13 1:56 P

thanks everyone for your input. i never take any otc, or other kind, of weight loss pills. they all make me nervous and i'm also concerned with any interactions with my prescribed meds. but even my oh-so-painfully-thorough husband has been looking around for me and thinks i should give it a shot. i really cant exercise so i'm feeling pretty stuck. but there's no happy replies to my question and that has to mean something.

2/12/13 1:49 P

dietitianbecky, i thought they did a 6 mo study with people. but i also read that 6 mos is really not a long enough period for sufficient and/or reliable results. i didnt hear about the studies you mention. i was also thinking that if the only content is raspberry then how could it be harmful. do you know anything about these studies?

2/10/13 7:22 P

There has only been 3 studies total.
2 done on a few rats and the other was done on fat cells in a test tube. Nothing done on humans regarding "if" it works, how much to use, if is is safe, etc, etc.

Spend back the ketones and ask for a refund.

Dietitian Becky

WHOVIAN85 Posts: 861
2/10/13 7:04 P

I dont trust any over the counter weight loss type pills, ive tried a few in the past and they never worked for me. Exercise and eating right has always helped me lose weight.

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2/10/13 6:25 P

There is no credible, peer-reviewed evidence that they do anything at all. YOu'll find lots of anecdotes from people who say they got some kind of benefit, but just as many from those who didn't.

If you took every supplement Dr. Oz recommended, you'd have a cabinet full of crap, and you'd lose weight all right... in your wallet.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,521
2/10/13 6:13 P

Return them they don't work. I tried them lost nothing.

10LBJEN Posts: 146
2/10/13 6:09 P

Doesn't work, don't waste your $. Side effects...made me nauseous and makes you burp.
Anytime weight loss product is hailed as the greatest new answer to weight loss on Dr Oz you can pretty much count on it being a scam(don't know why I fell for it this time)

2/10/13 6:02 P

i have read multiple online reviews about raspberry ketone and i am going to side with the pros and hopefully i wont run into any cons. i just ordered yesterday so i'm anxious to get them and try it. i have read several sites stating that you probably wont see much, if any, results if taking less than 500mg 2 xs/ 1000mg/day. i chose a 100% ketone ingredient type in gel form. i have read that there are few, if any, side effects and no known complications with other meds (i take a few). i have chronic back pain from a car accident and i broke my ankle last november trying to take a walk (i suppose next time i should spit my gum out first) and the healing process is in slow motion. so i'm limited in what exercises i can manage. does anyone have any info/experience-good or bad that you could share with me before the mailman shows up at my door?

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