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1/3/13 11:47 A

Find other things or friends to keep you from feeling lonely. Don't get me wrong, I know the feeling of being lonely. I wish you the best with your quest to getting in better shape.

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1/3/13 11:33 A

Don't feel lonely without them. Just know the small steps you're making towards a healthier happier you will be so much worth it. I know it seems really hard in the begining and it seems so much easier to give in and go back to old habits, but stay strong it gets better trust me I was ounce in your shoes. When you give a little you gain a lot its wether or not you choose to make that a positive which confuses most people. You can give up your sweets and in the in gain so much more such as a healthier more fit and less weight life. Of you can give a little and surrender into your old habit and gain everything back you've worked so hard to lose and keep off. Trust me keep your head up you can do this!!! We all believe in you!!! emoticon

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1/3/13 11:10 A

some times

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1/3/13 7:05 A

Here you go:

Spark teams and message boards can also be very helpful with loneliness. Go ahead and browse the Community section to find a team that has similar interests. I love my Spark teams!

25OPTIMIZE Posts: 18,109
1/3/13 7:01 A

It makes sense, as you are replacing things that used to fill your life (food) with......what?

Journalling can really help you work through this. You have always had one habit (eating junk food), that you no longer accept. So now a void exists. What types of things, healthy of course, can you do to fill that void - so you won't go searching for food again?

Write down some ideas, learn a new skill or hobby, call a friend or family member, or whatever you can think of. I have one of the SparkPeople articles taped to the inside of one of my cupboard doors, and whenever I get bored and can't think of something to do, I refer to it. I'll go find it and share it with you.


LATTELEE Posts: 4,697
1/3/13 12:54 A


1/2/13 10:25 P

I think it makes sense actually...because food is what soothes us, acts as a friend, a comfort and is there for us! You are not alone! So many of us know what you are going through and talking about! Make sure you connect here on Spark and make friends, join teams of your interests and blog about your feelings to get them out and share with others! You can do this! You will get better each day, month and even more as time goes by! It is small changes, a new lifestyle and moderation that will help you change and gain a new you! If someone ever told me I could go out to dinner, eat only half my meal, take the rest home for another meal, never touch the salt shaker and feel satisfied I would not have believed it, but I did just that tonight! Am I! But I have truly changed and will continue to do so!
Good Luck!

RDEFASSI Posts: 1,661
1/2/13 9:35 P

It takes time- I have a very large love relationship with goodies! I know that I have moved back and forth with the amount I have eaten, but it gets better that you can enjoy it in moderation!

I say the small steps are what is going to get us all through it! :)

GOOD LUCK!!!! emoticon

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1/2/13 9:26 P

I have been on this diet for almost a week. I am not sure why but I feel kinda lonely without junk food and soda. I have been keeping my head high and think positive. I dont have much support on this, I would like tough love even on this. I want to succeed on this. Small steps I have been taking but are they enough?

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