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5/18/13 11:26 P

Yed, parents do need to get involved.

5/18/13 11:13 P

Ahhhhhhh...High school. It is the endless fountain of fascism and tyranny. High School has always been this way. (If you don't remember it being this way, you weren't paying very close attention.)

Are you familiar with "lock down?" It's done for student safety in grade schools, high schools, and colleges. It is standard procedure.

What your child's school did will not result in punishment or policy changes. They may put on a dog and pony show for you...but once the new year begins, and your child is gone, they will return to business as usual.

AMARANTHA120S Posts: 474
5/18/13 5:31 P

Yea, that would be dangerous to try to lock kids in a school, unless they were in some danger and this was a lockdown to protect them.

Since that wasn't the case, apparently, it does seem like the parents should bring this to a meeting of the school board and get answers.

There are always two sides to a story and the students may not have been correct in judging what the principal meant when he spoke or what the situation really was. The principal has a right to tell his side, but it should be brought before the community.

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I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
5/18/13 4:35 P

Wow, you cannot as a parent or other parents let that one slide. When a building is being built many things can go wrong. He needs to be fired for this, because that is endangerment all because he was a hot head.

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
5/18/13 10:27 A

My son came home yesterday telling me how the Principal was all pi$$ed off because he heard the Seniors were going to stage a walk out (see they are in the process of building a new school and they usually have graduation outside on the football field but can't this year cause it's all torn up).
The Seniors still want to graduate outside somewhere and proposed a place and they said no to it, so they were going to protest. Well my son said the Principal came on the speaker and said how mad he was and that he chained the doors and no one is walking out and if anyone tried he'd make sure Colleges knew of your behavior.
When my son told me that I thought ya okay, I thought he was kind of playing until I got a call from the school (generated call to every parent) saying it was a rumor and that there was chains on the door but that was because doors were broken and they had a repairman there, now I'm not thinking my son was just kidding around.
Other kids must of gone home and said what my son said to me and they must of been calling off the hook for them to generate a call...
My son said that the police officer that they have in the building most of the time said he couldn't keep chains on the door cause it was a fire hazard.
Yes this is the school system I'm always complaining about the one that doesn't protect the child from bullying from other kids or teachers and now the Principal pulls this???????
How can you stop bullying if you are the bully? That could of been a very dangerous lesson to teach the Seniors had a fire happened with something from the new school being built, I mean it's side by side , I'm not happy!

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