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Apart from what Dietitian Becky has mentioned, another thing to consider is:
are you actually eating ENOUGH earlier in the day, especially at breakfast. You do need SOME carbs, so make sure that they are wholesome, complex ones like Rolled Oats. ALSO make sure that you are getting a good amount of lean protein with ALL of your meals.


5/20/14 4:30 P

carb cravings---eating more carbs---can then lead to stronger carb cravings. Especially depending on the type of carbs you are using.

I am wondering about your satiety from other foods to help in controlling this.
What is your calorie range?
What is your typical protein intake?
What is your fiber intake?
How many servings of fruits and veggies are you getting daily?

If you make your nutrition tracker public, we may be able to give more helpful tips.

Let me know if you need the steps to do this.

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lithium is causing my carb cravings and i dont know how to stop it. every time i try to eat healthy i want to eat more carbs later in the day. how do you stop this vicious cycle. i tried so many ways to suppress this craving. i think lithium is lowering my serotonin messing up my appetite as well. does anybody out there know how to handle this problem. i would welcome anyone who has knowledge of this topic. thanks again for all your help.

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