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9/19/12 11:08 A

as much as i appreciate all of your responses - you must realize that i am not a 'newbie' at this. i have a background and degrees in nutrition, nutritional counselling, homeopathy and a deep abiding respect and knowledge of real food.
i DO NOT eat processed anything. if it is not in its natural state, or close to it - i will not eat it. so i cannot eliminate items that have not been in my diet for years or have never been on my menu. if i have ingested anything like we all have - in ignorance - because the purveyors of such items do not label or are not completly honest about what is in the food - or what has been removed from the foods - then i can't speak to that. i have been duped as we all have.
THERE LIES MY FRUSTRATION - homegrown veggies when ever possible, organic, as fresh as i can buy from farmer's market -
no the fact must be faced that many of us OF A CERTAIN AGE as well as many of our metabolisms do not march to the same tune as others - that has been true and will always be true. i have friends who love to eat brown rice - i do too - but i will not lose i will gain if i added this perfectly good carb to my week. it has recently been reported that GMO's - genetically modified foods - of which WHEAT AND RICE ARE INCLUDED - have directly contributed to the obesity epidemic in children and adults alike. but even though the other wheat seeds are still available - agriculture refuses to go 'back to them' as they produce only half of the yield and GUESS WHAT - THEIR BOTTOM LINE GETS HURT AGAIN.
wake up all and smell the coffee - we are being sabotaged and royally taken.
read DR. FURHMAN'S or DR. AMEN 's or DR MERCOLA - some of the good guys are out there shouting the message - but we are still being shafted.

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9/15/12 6:52 P

This journey didn't happen over night. You didn't wake up one morning overweight. It's a process. As much as I would like it fall off quickly, I have to be realistic.

This may be a challenge for you --
It may be difficult for you --

But, this is YOUR challenge.

Rise to the occasion. You can do this. You are doing it. Remember your 3 pounds? That is proof you're doing it!

BUFFEDSTUFF-- Posts: 2,520
9/15/12 5:09 P

Find one plan and then stick with it. I have been where you are at, this is your dream your goal and your vision. You are the only one that can make it happen, I know it is hard, frustrating and difficult but you are strong enough to push through. I almost gave up six years ago, boy and I glad I didn't, find the right course for you and work it. I wish you well.

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9/14/12 4:18 P

What is right? Right is getting yourself to a point where you dont feel this way.

When it comes to changing a major aspect of one's life (namely what and how one eats), there is nothing that should be reasonably expected. If you spend all your energy obsessing over so-called "reasonable" goals that have not been met you run the risk of, well, developing this pessimistic attitude...and it won't do you any good.

So you have a few options but resignation shouldn't be one of them.

Option 1: You are doing something right!
You lost three pounds! That is three pounds gone from your life! This may be slow but imagine if you lost three pounds every month for a've lost 36 pounds! I'm not sure how much you weigh but wouldn't you rather be 36 pounds lighter (or at goal if you want to lose less than 36 pounds) next year at this time? I bet you do. Yeah yeah, so slow...but it adds up.

Option 2: You need to change what you are doing.
So three pounds isn't good enough? Time to try something different. For me it was giving up processed foods. If it ain't whole food, I don't eat it. And you know what? For the first time in my life I am a 'normal' weight and I don't think it was particularly hard to get here. I enjoy what I am eating and it was just a matter of breaking bad habits. Think outside the box, decide how much this means to you, and try a new mode of eating. My boyfriend lost 20 pounds eating like this and he wasn't even trying to lose weight (and was at the mid to high end of normal already).

I hate to say it, but it IS mostly your problem when things don't go right, but you define what right is. If right to you is weighing 36 pounds less next year, you are on your way. If right to you is losing faster than that, you need to try something is as simple as that.

One final thing, I said it before, I will say it again. Going negative will not help you. You need to work on switching your resignation to determination. Every time you start having negative thoughts, just double down and tell yourself that this will happen, you will do it, no matter what, no matter how long it takes.

BROADBRUSH Posts: 1,806
9/14/12 3:55 P

i believe that HOPE has been replaced by 'RESIGNATION' - even the nutritionists and doctors have such a wide array of excuses, reasons and comments about how it is MOSTLY the problem of the dieter when things don't go right. what is right anyway - there are thousands of answers to that question as well - from the amount of weight that should be reasonably expected to drop all the way to conflict in food, amounts, choices etc.
like i say - get into the car and drive -----------

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9/10/12 6:45 P

Try not using the scale for a week or so. See how your clothes feel...looser? How do your muscles feel...sore?...harder? Don't let one tool discourage you when getting fit and losing is so much more than just pounds.

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9/10/12 6:28 P

that is how i feel - i wake MOTIVATED - i plan my meals - MOTIVATED - i work my plan - always MOTIVATED and the word i HATE MOST -- H. O.P.E.F.U.L.
but honestly it is like getting the car, driving down the same old same old - and winding up at the same DEAD END.
i have been so careful and right on plan - and in ONE MONTH i have lost a grand total of 3 pounds. i feel bloated - i feel discouraged and disappointed on that damn scale.
i have only spark for support - no one else is interested in my life long old weight battle. funny, when i was at goal - they all had a 'negative or back handed compliment' - like 'don't you think you are losing too much weight' or 'i am used to you chubby this does not seem like you' and all that crap.
anyway it is very hard - as Dr. phil says - there has to be a PAY OFF and i am not getting any - i wasted three months at wt watchers and it was the same story.
now i have this no gluten/wheat thing - which is ok - i can handle it - but i am in tears that no fall or winter clothing that i want to wear will fit. i thought i would have been sooooo much further along by now - i was motivated and positive in my out look when i sorted and placed all the things i just 'KNEW ' i was going to get into!!! scrap that plan!.
so disgruntled

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