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The term moderate is a relative term! When I wasn't tracking food and had no clue how many calories I was eating, I thought that eating moderately was just eating 3 squares a day and dessert on occasion! I had no idea that the foods I was eating had as many calories in a single meal as I needed for the entire day! And that IS when I was trying to eat moderately! So who is wrong? The Spark Staff is educated regarding healthy eating as I was not. SO I could say that they used the wrong word while I am sure that they would claim the we need to become educated to know what moderate eating really is! Now that I've changed the foods that I eat, modified my behaviors and habits, sometimes I find it hard to meet my calorie range. I have to EAT MORE to get to the healthy range which is above the starvation range! After substituting my foods and getting comfortable eating smaller portions, the tables have turned!

When I started SP, I had gone through the life lessons that taught me that the easy way out doesn't happen! Doing the work, being committed, spending the time to learn, putting forth the effort to change my habits isn't a chore for me now but what I understand as necessary to get to where I want to be!

I've gone on diets and lost lots of weight only to gain it back with more when I didn't commit to the life long lifestyle change. Consider that what you were doing is what got you to where you are! If you loose weight and then go back to living the way you were, can you realistically, honestly believe that the lost weight won't come back?

Dieting is a lie and a scam! It's a lie that dieters tell themselves and the diet pushers are happy to supply you with the program of your choice as many times and for as long as you want! Even if they know, and for them it is, it is a lifestyle change which is the only real long term answer. Why not, they're making money doing it while you ride the roller coaster of weight loss and the eventual weight is regained until you decide to go on a diet again.

That is why lifestyle change is becoming the better know and only real answer. As a matter of fact, most heath motivators have been saying that all the while. The majority of "Dieters" just don't seem to take hold of that concept of reality and are focused on getting the quick fix answer or that miracle pill!

There is an entire industry that is banking on the failure that is inevitable for those who can't transition to lifestyle change.

Hope this tough love truth hits home and helps motivate others to get past that lie so that the truth can set you free! Victory is yours only if you will grab hold of it and desire to go through what it takes to get there! No magic pill, No gimmicks, No quick fixes and no temporary patches. Hard work commitment and long term change IS the only honest answer!

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4/1/13 9:52 P

The trick is to find things that WORK FOR YOU AND FIT INTO YOUR LIFE that you can and WILL do for the rest of your life. Jenstress gave you a great explanation.

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4/1/13 11:09 A

I don't think that is exactly what SP means. I definitely track everything I practically even LOOK at and workout 30-45 minutes a day. However, I work a sedentary job, and with the cold weather, don't get a lot of extra "moving" that many others can get. So it can be hard for me to lose if I don't do all of that. EVERY DAY. In the summer, I barely have to watch anything, because I move a lot more. Walks, games, fun times.

The lifestyle change v diet isn't about not measuring, or not changing and doing a lot of that. The change means that you have to commit to doing something that you will be able to maintain for the rest of your life. Otherwise, you won't be able to maintain it. It isn't, "Until I lose the weight, I eat this way." It has to be, I am choosing to eat this way. That is it. Like me. I used to eat SO very much junk food. I don't any more. I will, again, I know. That is a lifestyle change. I know that I will eat something, I just won't eat it like I did before, AND I am trying to teach myself moderation OF that garbage. (that isn't as easy yet).

I think I keep looking at certain things like, "if it is good for the goose, it is good for the gander" type thing. Why are you cooking different foods for your family? They could benefit from healthier eating as well!

The thing is, it does have to take over your life to be a full change. My family eats far healthier now than before, because in the past I didn't change them. Now I am changing us all!

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Spark says
"Make exercise and healthy eating a priority--without letting it take over your life."

But my experience is that, if I "just eat healthy foods in moderate portions and exercise moderately (2-3 mile walks 4-5X per week)" I don't lose an ounce. I comfortably maintain my weight, which is about 15 pounds over "normal" for my height and frame.

In order to lose an OUNCE (literally) I must track every bite and exercise more than moderately. Which means exercise and dieting DO take over my life. I cook for myself and then cook a separate set of meals for my family; I spend a great deal of time measuring, counting, and entering data... and when I gain, I get terribly depressed.


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