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JANKWIT95 Posts: 278
2/2/13 10:44 P

I like the Leslie Sanson dvd's. She adjusts the exercises for different levels. I like the Walk Away the Pounds dvd with the weighted balls. They are just one pound but they make a difference. emoticon on making it to two miles!

MUSCATDBQ SparkPoints: (3,450)
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Posts: 214
2/2/13 10:13 P

I found one of her DVDs at the thrift store so I picked it up for $1...Ive only done it twice as Ive been doing Wii workouts as well, but Im impressed with it. The only problem I have with it is that some of the moves make me dizzy so I have to skip those (makes no sense as I can jump around with Wii for an hour with no trouble...such is life, I suppose).

2/2/13 4:29 P

Is it possible for you to workout with a laptop/computer in front of you? There are lots of Leslie Sansone videos on youtube! I use them all the time, there are a good mix of different length work outs too. Just go onto youtube and type leslie Sansone into the search box. Lots of other workout videos on there too for when you feel you need more of a challenge.

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
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2/2/13 12:54 P

I have several Leslie Sansone DVD's. My favorites are:

1. 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk
2. Walk Slim -- Fast & Firm -- 4 Really Big Miles
3. Burn Body Fat & Sculpt Your Arms

For all of these tapes, each mile is a separate routine -- and you can do just 1 mile or combine them in any combination.

I really don't like the "Belly -Blasting" DVD. The walk routine is not organized as well and jumps from one move to another in a more chaotic, sloppy fashion. And the moves added to the walk don't seem particularly effective for working your abs: they are just twisting movements that don't seem to do much. The rest of the DVD is like gym class -- doing crunches etc. while lying on your back on the floor.

You can preview a lot of her DVD's on I'd suggest previewing them there or somewhere else before buying.

THINKPINK06 Posts: 1,450
2/2/13 8:03 A

I have a three mile one. I do her workout maybe 2-3 times a week. Sometimes I will check out her other videos from the library and do those .

WHOVIAN85 Posts: 861
2/2/13 7:31 A

I love lesie sansone dvds, used them to lose weight after each of my kids was born, now im going to be starting doing her 2 miles every other day and adding in my elliptical here and there. I have her 5 mile walk id liie to work myself back to doing and I have her walk and jog dvd, her tone abs one that use a band that goes around your stomach to work your abs and arms with, I also have 3 pound hand weights I use and her stretchie band with her workouts. Im getting a polar ft4 with chest strap to track my workouts and calorie burns, ive had one in the past and loved how accurate it is.

JEDISTARDUST SparkPoints: (1,063)
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Posts: 3
2/2/13 12:16 A

I have her 3 Mile "Walk Away Your Waistline" DVD with the walk belt and I love it. I was able to get through the whole thing even with being out of shape. I do it 5-6 times a week and am looking forward to buying the 5 mile one and possibly some different boosters since this is the only workout I've been doing for 3 weeks so it's getting a bit repetitive. But between that dvd and counting calories (and completely eliminating soda and alcohol) I've lost 11.5lbs.

I do feel once I'm in better shape I'd like to try out one of Jillian Michael's DVD's or p90x, which my sister used to get in shape.

POOFERSGRL SparkPoints: (9,871)
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Posts: 91
1/30/13 11:22 A

How often can you do her videos? I want to do them at least 4/5 days a week, with some rest days. Mix it up with a different one each day. I am also considering a fitbit, would that be something worth getting for her videos?

POOFERSGRL SparkPoints: (9,871)
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Posts: 91
1/30/13 11:18 A

Thanks for the encouragement.

I want to get a few more of them, but don't want to over do it yet. I will stick with the 1/2 mile walks, and the toning (all on 1 dvd) for now, but might look into others and one that has an ab workout with weights. I like how I can mix them up and they aren't so difficult. Hoping to lose about 10lbs by July as well as get back into shape and help with my health and my high BP (already on meds for that), but would love to lower it naturally.

KMF2012 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/30/13 11:18 A

Find that Leslie Sansone tapes are perfect for me - "me" is a combination of age, lack of coordination - always feel like I get a good workout. I usually use at least a 45-minute tape, often an hour tape to get what I feel that I need these days. Love that she so often uses weights, and the boosted walking always adds a good spurt!!

1/30/13 11:14 A

Good for you!
I have some that were given to me, used them Mon-Friday when I first started, right after my 3rd child was born, I love that they're completely do-able, and you can add arm strength by using weights. Since it's mostly walking I felt I could do it daily (not on weekends when downstairs neighbors are home!!), but the extras like leg lifts and kicks do use more muscles than just walking.
I have in the past done a 3 or 4 mile with jogging boosters, but have mostly been using the 4 mile walk one when I (so rarely lately) do cardio. I just got started again today exercising, so maybe this afternoon I'll throw in a short Leslie walk in to keep my streak going.

POOFERSGRL SparkPoints: (9,871)
Fitness Minutes: (28,355)
Posts: 91
1/30/13 9:57 A

Woo Hoo!! I did the 2 mile walk for the first time today!!! Been doing the 1 mile, and decided to try and push myself. So...tomorrow I will rest. lol Burned about 134 calories according to my chart here.

I might get more of her videos as I like them because they are low impact, no complicated moves and just might be what I need. Does anyone else use them? Any you recomend? I am looking at the abs one, since I need to get my butt and such toned.


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