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Generally package nutritional information is for the item in the box, uncooked, unless otherwise noted. So 1/4 cup would be dry weight. Generally speaking, a serving of any rice is going to be 1/2 cup, although that can vary by how you cook it. Since you cooked one cup, you divide the results by 4 to get your serving for your cooking. How much that actually ends up being depends on how much water the rice absorbs.

Pastas and rice should generally always be weighed dry for for that reason. :) Too much variability post-cooking.

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I love Bob's Red Mill Wild and Brown Rice blend - I suppose that's part of my problem - loving pasta and rice. Cooked 1 cup dry with 2.5 cups of water. Today, I've had the leftovers for lunch. weighed it on my kitchen scale at 278 grams - more than 2 servings probably.

back of the bag says serving size is 1/4 cup (50 grams) - I guess that's dry weight? or is that cooked?

trying to figure out what to put in my nutrition/food counter.... and how to portion it out from now on so I'm eating the right amount rather than what I want to eat (which is lots of it).



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