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10/6/11 9:06 P

thanx. maybe i'll make some berries n cream popsicles, god willing. I'm gonna buy some pop molds from amazaon soon to save money on cold treats, lol

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10/6/11 10:33 A

Cereal is a carbohydrate. Many dietitians suggest some healthy fat and fruits together as a night time snack. A bowl of blueberries with some real cream will do.

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10/6/11 9:04 A

I usually have a small bowl of cereal or sometimes a pretzel and a little humus. That usually takes the edge off without making me feel too full before bed.

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10/6/11 8:50 A

Sounds like we are on the same schedule, except I exercise when the kids are in school. I've been eating small meals 5 times a day. For eating later in the day, this week I've had oatmeal or salad. Sometimes I put a little dried fruit in my salad. The crunch and little sweetness from the fruit really satisfies my cravings. If I'm truely hungry, I will have oatmeal. Little calories, very filling. And as always I track and plan everything. I really need to go to bed earlier!

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10/6/11 4:58 A

a serving of cottage cheese makes a good snack anytime of day or night - look for a low sodium brand

when are you snacking and what do you eat post-exercise?

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10/6/11 12:58 A

okay,. right now I have a weird squedule.

I go to bed @ 2 or 3 in the morning (i'm trying to go down to 12 or 1). then i wake up @ 6 or 7. I stay up after the kids go to school. After they come home and i feed them, I take a nap.

i however am finding a hard time finding healthy late night snacks. any ideas please? its getting pretty bad. Where my food will be good except for that after dinner snack. but i'll be genuinely hungry. I usually exercise after 8pm so . . .

ideas please?

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