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2/4/13 4:33 P

TBH, i swear if i took my food journals to the doctor and said "does it look like i'm getting my RDA of the main vitamins and minerals a woman of my size age and health should be getting, and if not, what should i be taking in the way of supplementation" - I'd get a blank stare.

I would be much more inclined to consult a dietitian, who specialize in this sort of thing.

However, I do second the warning that the SP nutritional information is not always the be-all-and-end-all, particularly when it comes to user-input data, but sometimes even the SP database is a bit incomplete. For example, "sweet potato, baked" does NOT include the Vitamin A, C, Iron, and other trace minerals that sweet potatoes are chock full of! (so i now use "sweet potato, cooked, baked in skin, no salt").

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2/4/13 4:25 P

I would really, strongly caution anyone to be extra careful when self-diagnosing nutritional shortages using the SP nutrition tracker. If you're using ONLY SP database entries, then it will contain all USDA info, but user entries rarely include all information.

If you are really concerned about nutritional shortages, talk to your doctor. :) Only he or she should be diagnosing and treating nutritional shortages!

2/4/13 3:33 P

Do you take any type of multi vitamin-mineral supplement?

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2/4/13 2:54 P

Hey Becky, I take a calcium and magnesium supplement. Should I just be taking the Calcium without magnesium? I switched from plain calcium after Spark showed I was low on it and after reading the side effects I was sure it was an issue for me.

MARYGOLD5 Posts: 3,855
1/31/13 8:12 P

Thank you. This was very helpful. I checked the link and printed the list for future reference. I found out that I really am eating foods that contain magnesium, it just does not show up on the nutrition report. emoticon

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1/31/13 7:50 P

You are probably getting more magnesium than is reported. Magnesium is not a nutrient mandated to be on a food label. So many of the brand name food items do not list magnesium, even though it will be contained.

For an extensive listing, click this link. Click "nutrient lists" and select magnesium by amount: not take a magnesium supplement unless prescribed by your doctor.

SP Dietitian Becky

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
1/31/13 7:43 P

Here's a link that shows some "magnesium rich foods"

Also it's worth considering, you possibly might be getting more than your nutrition tracker suggests t - some sources you probably wouldn't even input into your tracker (i myself wouldn't think of inputting the teaspoon of coriander i put in my curry, for example!). And sometimes the full nutritional information is missing, incomplete or incorrect when you choose a member-entered item (and I've found an instance or two, where a Sparkpeople item was missing the vitamin/mineral data).

MARYGOLD5 Posts: 3,855
1/31/13 7:34 P

I always fall short in magnesium from foods. I take a supplement, but I would like to know which foods supply the most magnesium. I have hypothyroidism and shouldn't eat as much of certain foods, especially raw. Any suggestions?

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