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TURRRRA Posts: 1,572
4/26/09 1:32 A

Try alternating walking and running on the treadmill. I don't have any serious knee injury but I get the dreaded "runner's knee" with pain in my left kneecap. I just slow it down when I start feeling the pain and walk for a couple minutes and switch back and forth. I also have tried a brace but need to look for a new one since I lost mine! They make slim braces that are a little strap that you can put right below your knee. If your pain isn't the same kind I have and is more of a pain you feel from bending the knee, you would probably need a different kind of brace. I avoid any very hard pavements (like concrete) or it puts even more pressure on my knee. If possible, I like to use an indoor track, but I don't have access to one anymore and don't know of any gyms besides my old college with one. Also, you may want to try putting some inserts in your shoes. I use arch supports to really give my foot good support.

BMORE73 Posts: 1,349
4/24/09 2:09 P

Thanks SP_Nancy about the brace info but I will continue to use it until I get word back from my doc in ref to it doing me harm. I find that I have less stress when I use it on the treadmill and do fine without it when I am doing my other cardio as well strength training workouts. Thanks again

SAMGARCIA1 Posts: 53
4/24/09 1:40 P

thank u soooooooo much guys!!!
u re all angels

will try to just walk for a while
i have 2 very young kids so gym is not an option - only have a treadmill at home
so cannot use an elliptical

lets see - maybe i should decrease the frequency - i run everyday mon thru fri - will try alternate days now
and will increase the incline as well

or go running outside while hubby babysits in the evenings (though thats our time - hardly see him anyway!!!)

but thank u all - u ve been really helpfull!!

4/24/09 9:59 A

I also have knee pain when running on a treadmill. I was told that when people run on them, they run differently then they'd run on a hard surface (ie. street/sidewalk). My pain got so severe I gave up the treadmill and moved on to the elliptical. I like the elliptical well enough, and it doesn't seem to be as painful. Most trainers I've seen and my doc don't recommend treadmills very often.

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4/24/09 9:45 A


Women are more prone to knee issues because we have a wider Q-angle then other words, due to our wider hips, the angle from the hip to the knee is much wider which can put undo strain on the knee.

Never, ever, ever run through pain...discomfort is one thing, pain is entirely different. Pain is your body's way of telling you to STOP. Allow time for your knee to heal completely, via rest and ice.

Once you are fully healed, try increasing your incline to no less then 1% (I actually run on a 2% incline) on the treadmill. This may cause you to slow your speed, but you are getting a much greater workout running on an incline, even at a slower speed. Running on a 0% incline is like running downhill ever so slightly therefore leading to greater stress on the knees.

I would highly recommend that you avoid using a knee brace unless you are recommended to wear one via your doc. The reason, a brace will not allow the muscles that support the knee when running to develop therefore you are putting yourself at greater risk for injury when you are NOT wearing the brace and not running.

Lastly, once your knee has healed look at ways in developing the muscles of the quadriceps (front of thighs) via lunges, squats, etc, in order to help stabilize the knee...this is a much better route then a brace. But don't forget to do some hamstring exercise as well as you want good balance between the two groups.

I hope this helps and that you are back to running soon!


CINCIGIRL24 Posts: 82
4/24/09 9:18 A

Yes treadmills hurt my knees too and so do ellipticals and im not sure why since they are supposed to be good for your knees. I stick to running outside, it doesn't hurt the knees as much.

ANGIEBEST73 Posts: 456
4/24/09 9:12 A

I also have knee pain and my Dr told me to stay off the treadmill. He said it was too high impact.I stick to the bike and gazelle for cardio

THEGR8TDRAKE Posts: 1,083
4/24/09 9:09 A

I have had same problem.... the treadmill is high impact. I have switched to doing the eliptical and no more pain. Find what works for you.

AEOLIUS SparkPoints: (66,250)
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4/24/09 8:51 A

do some other form of exercise for awhile?
see your doctor about it?

i think those are two good places to start. good luck!

BMORE73 Posts: 1,349
4/24/09 8:34 A

I use a knee brace because my left knee is weak. I noticed that my knees hurt when I get off the treadmill so I limited the amount of time I use it. Try the elliptical machine or bike which is better for the joints.

SAMGARCIA1 Posts: 53
4/24/09 8:15 A

i've lately started getting major knee pain everytime i run on my treadmill.
have changed my shoes but its not helping.
any ideas?.?

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