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10/21/11 9:24 A

I agree, it really depends on the kid. My daughter is 8, and she is responsible and I let her use the back burners, but she is supervised. The stuff she likes can be microwaved, and I let her do that all by herself.

10/20/11 2:14 P

I would agree

ANDILH Posts: 1,543
10/19/11 11:33 P

This is an area best left to your own comfort level. For as long as I can remember I was in the kitchen helping my mom and grandma. That means that I bring kids into the kitchen as soon as they are able. But, I generally feel that they shouldn't use the stove independently (even with supervision) until they're able to stand on the floor and are able to see and reach over the stove safely. I realize this means that some children may be older than others when they're allowed, but there are so many things that are "helpful" in the kitchen for the children to do that they don't usually miss it. I do let smaller children sit on the counter next to the stove and help stir or pour things into the pans if I am right there helping them.

10/19/11 9:20 A

Believe me everyone, when they are ready to cook you'll be super excited. My middle son even took a culinary class in highschool. He even likes to go grocery shopping. emoticon

ENB411 Posts: 76
10/18/11 9:23 P

My daughter likes to help me stir and prep items. I let her "help" before the items get to the stove. She is very curious about the stove and I will let her watch what I am doing. However, she has to keep a bit of distance between her and the hot items.

10/13/11 11:12 A

Interesting article.

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10/12/11 10:09 P

Found a good article on the subject here:

I'd say the article has it in the ballpark of a couple years. Like I remember cooking whole family dinners by myself at 10 or 11. And I probably started using the stove around 8. The article says about 10 for supervised stove use. That probably falls pretty well in line with somewhere else I read that kids should be old enough to reach without standing on a chair or stool to use the stove (makes sense since it's easier to fall or slip on a stool). But I'm pretty sure my first adventures were me on a chair with my mom glued to my side.

My two year old would love to use the stove but I think he's still too spontaneous to be trusted stirring over the stove even if I was holding both of his hands. He thinks with his body so it would be a no go for this little one. I could see me holding both his hands on the spoon while he is trying to bend around looking backwards because he heard the kitty or decided he wanted a toy in the next room. And now I'd be trying to stop his forearm from touching the hot pot while his brain is on the next activity and forgetten what we're doing. He can't stir without me having to go back and really stir or wash a vegetable right without me having to stick the other end in the water. But he can practice those things without flames involved for now (we have gas).

I have a niece and nephew who are 5. I think I might let them help me stir stuff on the stove, or dump stuff in (as long as I knew it wasn't something remotely likely to cause hot splattering). Maybe try to flip a grilled cheese. But I wouldn't leave their side.

My three year old neice is questionable. She's really really good at listening and following directions but I'd have to watch her a little closer to see how impulsive she is. And I see her a lot. Her mama would know, though.

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10/12/11 2:41 A

We have four kids and they all pretty much started "stirring" around age two. They have all helped cook different things with me right there beside them. I recently let our oldest daughter, age 9 cook on her own. She does basic stuff like mac & cheese, ramen noodles, hot dogs or scrambled eggs. Our six year old prides herself on making toast :) It's all up to what your comfort level is with the child(ren). Happy cooking....oh we also incorporate cooking into family time and education as well :)

9/28/11 10:07 A

You could always turn the stove on for her and set a timer for when whatever she is baking is complete. That way, you will be there to help her remove the item from the oven and also to help her put it in.

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9/28/11 9:52 A

My daughter is five and loves to bake and always asks to help cook but not sure if i feel comfortable with her using the stove yet especially since it is a gas stove.

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9/28/11 9:46 A

Great question!!!! My daughter is 4 and LOVES helping in the kitchen. She has always listened to my directions about cooking and is a great big help with everything, but I haven't let her at the stove yet. I just don't feel comfortable. But I have pondered this question over and over as too when is a good time to introduce her to it.

Thanks for posting. I am going to watch the answers on this one and see what other moms and dads are doing!

9/28/11 8:50 A

my children love to help me cook in the kitchen

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9/21/11 4:31 P

I first let my son stir things on the stove when he was about 2. I'd be hovering right next to him the whole time, and he learned real quick not to touch anything but the spoon. He's lost interest in helping me cook now, but still likes to hang out in the kitchen and watch me cook. Obviously I make sure he's fully dressed, and usually wearing an apron, and I'm never more than half a step away from him, and always always always paying attention. I remember I was using the stove scrambling my own eggs for breakfast by the time I was 8 or 9.

It depends entirely on your child, you, and your comfort level. Ultimately you have to decide when the time is right for your child to be allowed at the stove.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
9/20/11 2:30 P

It depends on the kid and exactly what you mean by supervision. I think I let my oldest stir things on the stove around 6, with me hovering over her the whole time. Now, at 10, I'd likely let her stir while I washed a pot or got something out, but was still in the kitchen with her. She is a pretty responsible kid, for the most part.

9/20/11 12:38 P

I have an old gas stove/oven. By supervise if you mean let her light it and use it - I did that for the first time last night (she is 9)! I have her check that her hair is tied back and that her sleeves are rolled up. I watch very carefully.

if you mean when could she stir - I don't remember - she has had a stool that brought her to the correct height and I'm always asking her to "stir that" or "stir this".

I was about 8 when I was cooking but we had a stove with coil burners - harder to catch myself on fire!

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9/20/11 11:28 A

At what age is it appropriate to let kids use the stove while supervised?

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