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MRMRMMR Posts: 5,152
7/7/13 10:51 A

been looking for this page all week and found it!

I have some experience with kayaks and canoe's. my only place to use this is the local beach of a mile away so have plenty of access to water. I currently train 5 days week on a exercise bike and strength training 3/4 days week. the reason buying this so its something different and fun. granted its main use when tide allows would be the warmer months but i dont mind the cold so would get some use also

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
7/1/13 7:58 A

I wouldn't plan on it being my regular workout for the reasons others have mentioned below. If you'd like to incorporate boating into a regular workout I would suggest checking out your local area for any crew teams. In my city, there are a few that you can sign up for and commit to certain days so that they have a full crew each morning.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,461
7/1/13 6:56 A

Kayaks are definitely fun.

But by the time you load and unload them from your car, drive to a lake, then reverise the process when you are done, then it can be a significant time commitment for not all that much time paddling.

Personally, I would think about it as a way to be active on weekends, rather than a regular form of exercise.

However, if you have ready access to a lake, and can (realistically) see yourself taking a kayak out most weekends (and possibly even late afternoon/evening) over summer, then that may change things somewhat.

And of course, kayaking is a great way to get out in nature, destress for a while and recharge your mental batteries. And looking after your mental health is just as important as looking after your physical health.


6/30/13 11:20 P

Since you have set your page to private I have no information on which to base a response other than my experience as a kayaker and instructor. Questions which dome to the fore are what access to kayaking water do you have? Are you talking sea kayaking or whitewater kayaking? What experience do you have kayaking? All of these factors are important to give you a knowledgeable response.

First for me kayaking is a form of active recreation and I do strength training and cardio for fitness and fat loss and kayaking as an active recreational activity on non dedicated workout days. I also cycle as a recreational activity and not as a part of my workout programme.

To give a worthwhile answer requires more information.

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
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6/30/13 11:14 P

I have a close friend who loves to kayak, but she rarely gets to use her because of the problems:
1. It's not just the cost of the kayak. You'll need to add a roof carrier to your car, and apparently the good ones are expensive.
2. My friend can't get the kayak on and off the roof of the car by herself. She always have to arrange for some tall strong person to help her get her from her garage to the car ... off the car and into the water ... back out of the water and onto the car ... of the car and into her garage.

If you've got those things covered, then "go for it." But you might want to investigate the details of those things (e.g. actual cost of ownership and use -- and not just the purchage price of the boat) before you invest. Is there a place you could rent one for a while to give it a try for a while first to be sure about everything before you acutally purchase one?

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PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
6/30/13 7:26 P

not for me!

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,224
6/30/13 4:52 P

maybe try renting one a few times first to see if you like it.

I don't know how much they cost, but I know that I don't have room to store one and also would not like having to transport it. so I usually just rent one several times a year

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MRMRMMR Posts: 5,152
6/30/13 2:33 P

im thinking of getting one as some fun but also some free exercise whilst i have fun. should i or would i be better spending my money on something else?

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