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I'd suggest you google diabetes mellitus type 1 and looking for info from reputable sources.
The basics is that your grandson's immune system is slowly destroying pancreatic beta cells that are responsible for producing insulin. At time of diagnosis at least 80% are already destroyed in most cases, so the treatment is an insulin regiment.
He is going to need to monitor his glucose levels and be put on an altered diet so that his blood sugar does not fluctuate too fast since it can make him feel faint, etc.

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I`m so sorry to hear this.... I don`t know how much info you know about juvenile onset diabetes (type 1 diabetes), but it is a disease in which the pancreas stops producing insulin, and at this point, there is no known cause for why this happens, and it is a lifelong condition. It is NOT caused by poor nutrition, inactivity or obesity, like is often found with type 2 diabetes, nor can changing lifestyle or diet habits alter the diagnosis at this point. People with type 1 diabetes will be placed on insulin injection therapy, and will have a strict regime of what and when to eat, along with many other things... Type 1 diabetes affects millions of people, and with simple insulin therapy, and health and lifestyle adjustments, type 1 diabetics lead long, perfectly healthy lives, just like anyone else!!! If this is what your grandson has, rest assured he will be just fine now that he has his diagnosis, and at this point, your best assistance is to be a caring ear to him and his family, and to use your time studying type 1 diabetes from the official diabetes website of your home country. Hugs!

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i have a 14 yr old grandson in the hospital.he was diagnosed last night with the disease.
please. where do i go for information. and another bad thing .he is 800 miles away.
will list and learn from all the help you can offer

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