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11/25/12 4:38 P

You might want to mention the recent research studies on statins to your doctor. They don't work on women. Try restricting carbs instead. I have diabetes and have been eating a a diet close to 33% carbs, fat and proteins, instead of the recommended mostly carbs and low fat. emoticon My cholesterol has dropped over 40 pts in 6 months, only lost 15 lbs but progress is progress!

10/24/12 5:17 A

i thought of this but I work most days from 7-330 and when I come home there are no places to go. I thought of the y but it is so expensive I live in an apartment with no goodies for the people to do. But I do thank you for the suggestion

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10/23/12 11:24 A

Have you tried swimming or aquafit classes? Way easier on the joints, and surprisingly good exercise. Most pools have classes early in the morning and in the evening, and you can usually choose between shallow water if you're not as strong of a swimmer or deep water if you swim like a fish.

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10/22/12 7:29 A

good morning
I am working hard to lose weight but for some reason I don't succeed I have no problem gaining...which I don't want to do ..I play with 5-10 pounds. I work and am on y feet all day. I have tried to walk after work..but my joints hurt so much I have a problem going very far. I enjoy walking but my hip joints hurt. I was waliing 3 miles daily but since I started taking a satin my joints huirt. I have mentioned this to the doctor. I do walk all day long I work in a grocery store. any one have any suggestions..the only one my doctor came up with is using a cane when I walk.

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