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2/14/13 12:58 P

Sparkpeople has everything you need to succeed, including the personal touch and help. Someone is always here (24/7) when you need us.

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2/14/13 11:13 A

Thank you Shelley. It's good to know that SP is here for the long haul. I'm sure I'll need it. God speed in getting back on track. I know how that is. About 15 years ago, I lost 50 lbs on the Protein Power Plan. Then, I had some medical issues and just stopped my progress - pffft! I gained back 70!

Over the last couple of years I'd dropped about 30 by adding a twice weekly trip to water aerobics at the Y. But I really didn't change my eating habits at all. I could never get motivated. This past fall, after we'd admitted my dad to a dementia care cottage, my stress level went UP (not down as expected, handing off his primary care to another), and I lost about 20 lbs.

Then came the nose bleed! And the new meds. I was scared that I would start gaining back the weight when I started on them. I really don't know how I am doing this. I am a serious potato chip addict (I can down a whole family size bag in one sitting and still want more!). But, something in me clicked last week. I had my last potato chip on 2/5 and even though there are plenty in my house (my mom loves to snack & at 86, and very underweight, who's going to keep them away from her), I have not even been tempted.

I guess I said all that to say - you can do it. Just coming back to SP proves you have the desire and are willing to put in the effort. I'll be happy to help encourage you along the way!

2/13/13 6:00 P

Welcome REBAWRITER1!!! It's amazing to find SP, isn't it?! I truly love it and to be honest, although I signed up a few years ago, I know in the back of my mind that it's always here when I need it. Seriously, when I fell off track and spent a while away, I knew where I could go to get back on track. The community here is fantastic and the tools are great! I just came back again, but this time, I'm feeling very positive about things. I can certainly understand your stress with being a caregiver as I have been doing that for about two years and just recently we've made some changes and I'm getting a break for a while. Therefore, I also took a semester off school so that I can concentrate on my health as well.

Anyway, enjoy getting to know your way around SP! If you need a friend, I'm here! Good luck on your success and goals and congratulations to you for taking these steps and the initiative to improve your health!!!

~ Shelley

REBAWRITER1 SparkPoints: (1,457)
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2/13/13 5:19 P

Hi! I found SparkPeople last week and signed up so that I'd have a place to record & track my blood sugar & blood pressure as my Doc requested. I was surprised to find all the other tracking tools that SP provides. What a great tool!

At the end of January I developed a spontaneous nose bleed that was linked to elevated BP. For me, it was a wake-up call. I mean, I've been in the middle of a parent-care situation for the past few years, with greatly increased involvement & thus stress in the past year. As a result, I was totally neglecting my own health. That scary nose bleed got my attention.

When I saw my Doc, she ran tests on several chronic health issues we knew I had. As a result, I ended up on Insulin and a new BP med. Those things really bugged me. I had been proud that I'd dropped a few pounds over the past few months, but honestly hadn't really done anything to reap that benefit. It was just the stress from the caregiving thing. I also knew that adding those meds could cause weight gain and I didn't want to risk that.

So, I had decided to start watching my diet and exercising more. And, as luck would have it, the same day I decided to start working on this healthy lifestyle thing, my coworkers decided to start a biggest loser challenge here in the office. I figured, I'm going to be losing it anyway, might as well win a wager while I was at it.

And, like I said, that was the day I found SP. So - now, week 1 is done. I lost a little over 0.9% of my start weight and am feeling better every day. My blood pressue is down from the initial values, but I'm experiencing some side effects from one of the meds and it could be part of the problem, not the solution (my Doc & I are working on that). My blood sugars are down 150 pts from the inital and over 75 pts since I started the insulin. I am sticking to a modified low carb / high protein diet (not as strict as Atkins, more along the lines of the Protein Power plan, yet still not as strict on carb allowance).

So far so good! Glad to have SP as a resource. I've bragged it up with my coworkers - although, I was tempted to keep it my secret ace-in-the-hole for the biggest loser competition.

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