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FITNESS_ELLE Posts: 1,760
1/27/13 6:51 P

Well, Bev, You have lost 3 more pounds than I have!!! You are doing great, and you will get to you goals for sure. Thanks for all your tips and support

Hopefully this will be all of us soon: emoticon

BEVIEG41 Posts: 5,542
1/27/13 5:24 P

CHB1020 -- Lucky you, I wish I had only 20 lbs to lose. But I know how frustrating it can be, you have to stick with it no matter what and never give up or fall backwards like I did. It is too hard to get back up and start again. WE all can do it, we just have to stay focused and motivated. Bev

FITNESS_ELLE Posts: 1,760
1/27/13 5:07 P


I just messaged you! I'm so glad my posts are helpful. I am enjoying the sense of community and support.

The 10-20 lb range is the toughest to loose. Especially since we're already pretty fit and eat healthy there is not much major overhaul to do... it's all about consistency, and some tweaks here and there.

We can do it!

CHB1020 SparkPoints: (1,586)
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1/27/13 4:38 P

I have really appreciated everything in these posts!

Fitness_Elle, you and I are very similar-- I am only 5'4" and at 150 and, like you, I have been tracking diligently for almost two months and I have been unable to lose weight. I am also looking to lose about 20 pounds, and I work out "hard core" for 30 minutes 5 times a week. All of your posts have been so helpful-- about snacking before workouts, tracking different nutrients, eating unprocessed foods, etc. I wish I had some sort of advice for you, but I can say that reading your posts and learning about someone in a similar situation to me has been really motivating.

GOOD LUCK! Message me if you like-- we can share tips :)

BEVIEG41 Posts: 5,542
1/27/13 4:02 P

Fittness_Elle - looks like you have figured out your trigger food. Mine is chips of any kind and ice cream. I was craving pancakes, so I took out my Buckwheat Pancake Mix and made 4 - 4" pancakes, added walnuts and chocolate chips and used AGAVE syrup. I could only eat 2 because they are so filling, will have the other two for breakfast tomorrow. Do you have a Whole Foods or Sprouts store near you? They have lots of gluten free foods. I tried their gluten Free Spaghetti and it was very good. I also tried Sprout's Sodium Free Marinara sauce and it was outstanding, added onions, garlic and some red wine. I have an allergy to dairy products, when I eat them I lose my smell and taste. Oh well, I just keep going. Sounds like your food plan sounds very good. Just remember We can Do this. Bev

FITNESS_ELLE Posts: 1,760
1/27/13 12:13 P

so true about being kind to yourself. Thanks for the reminder :)

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 59,038
1/27/13 11:37 A

On the nuts issue. I LOVE nuts. I have found that Brazil nuts are big so they take a while to chew. Also as soon as I buy any nuts or seeds, I measure in 1/4 cup or 1 oz servings (depending on whether I want to weigh or measure them) pack them in snack bagies so I don't overdo them. PLANNING ahead and having the snack pre-portioned really really REALLY helps me avoid the overmunching. The same is true for dark chocolate - put 1 portion in a snack bag and then you can savor it and be less likely to go over.

Planning for the whole week is great. Remember that you can make changes if you find yourself needing to - it is possible to take things off or add others. I always say a plan - even one not followed exactly is better than no plan. Remember the second part about being KIND and realistic with yourself - PERFECTION isn't possible but progress is.

FITNESS_ELLE Posts: 1,760
1/27/13 11:15 A

Nancy, Bev, Char, Ny, PirateTheCat, FitMomNJ, Bootylicious,

Thanks so much for your support. My mantra for now is "keep going" Love it. so simple, so true.

I created "groups" in my nutrition tracker of the meals I made this weekend that I plan to eat next week. This week's menu: turkey chili and chicken soup. I also put in my meals for each day, so hopefully it will be easier to stick to my range of 1100-1300.

sample day:

1 egg / 2egg white omelette w/ veggies, black coffee

bowl of chicken soup w/ spinach salad, orange

Snack (pre-gym around 4pm):
protein banana almond smoothie
almonds, raisins and 1 piece dark chocolate
greek yogurt & fruit

turkey chili, tea w/ honey

This morning I went to get some breakfast and automatically grabbed this bag of sunflower seeds I've been munching on over the past week. I poured some into a bowl with slices strawberries and almond milk. When I went to track it, I was SHOCKED to see how much it added up to be: 500 calories!!! I think I have found the problem over the last week: nuts. I remember now why I stopped buying them. When I'm hungry it's so much easier to throw handfuls of nuts in my mouth while I'm preparing dinner, and then not eat enough of my healthy dinner. I am going to remember this for the future.

The trainer at the gym I had look at my nutrition suggested having a snack before my evening workout, because my energy level was so low... The snacking thing is new to me. I may have been eating more calories there than I realized, so it's helpful to have a plan now for my snack too, like it's another meal.

I have a lot of food intolerances: wheat, grains, milk, and beans which prevent me from eating "normal" it can be really healthy - it keeps me from eating pretty much all processed foods, but in the case of the almonds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, dark chocolate, I can also consume far more calories when I'm hungry without even realizing it!

I'll let you know how I do next week. I want to stick to my range this week!

BEVIEG41 Posts: 5,542
1/26/13 2:46 P

I agree, it keeps me motivated. Remember people often say motivation doesn't last, well neither
does bathing -- that is why we recommend it daily. LOL Just a bit of humor. If I don't track it sometimes it makes me feel I can cheat on eating. I went to a pancake breakfast this morning, and there were so much left over and people were going back for seconds and thirds, but after I ate, I washed my plate and put it away and then had a cup of coffee. Trust me, if I didn't feel like I had to come home and track what I ate, I would have eaten more. Because even if I don't put everything on the tracker, my body sure knows it. Bev

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 59,038
1/26/13 10:57 A

Tracking in advance even if you don't stick to it perfectly allows you to kinda know where you can add or cut something if you choose to have an unplanned doughnut or whatever. It also helps keep you focused.

BEVIEG41 Posts: 5,542
1/25/13 9:19 P

Actually I do that too and keep to what I put down because it is too much trouble to go back and change things LOL. It works for me and I also added the Sodium and that is very helpful. Bev

FITNESS_ELLE Posts: 1,760
1/25/13 5:36 P


I love your idea of tracking before the day starts. I am definitely a morning person, and I think I will do better if I plan everything out ahead of time.

BEVIEG41 Posts: 5,542
1/25/13 3:28 P

Beating yourself up doesn't help. You need to change your mental attitude. Track, drink your water every day and you will see the results. I had lost 65 lbs and felt comfortable with myself and treated myself to a day of eating, and when I say eating I mean EATING. The scale showed the results and I was cocky and thought I will get back and do this, but alas it didn't work, I fell backwards every day and the more I went backwards the more I gained. So I have gained all my 65 lbs back and then some to realize I have to take control of my mind, attitude and actions. I am on the 13 week challenge to lose l lb a week. (That sounds reasonable and do able). I have lost 3.2 lbs in 3 weeks and I am still focused and motivated. I too get discouraged at times, but remember if you have a flat tire you don't make the other three tires flat. You put on a spare and keep going. That is what we have to do. When we have a bad day, so what, get back to the program. emoticon

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 59,038
1/25/13 11:25 A

A lot of peo ple find they have greater success when they track BEFORE eating and PLAN the entire day up front. It avoids both the over and the under cal problems. Hang in there, the small changes WILL result in a change for the better over time. Be gentle and kind with yourself. I have gone through the same thing - sometimes for a couple of months before I got things settled down.

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FITNESS_ELLE Posts: 1,760
1/25/13 7:50 A

thanks everyone. I'm so disappointed - I weighed myself this morning, and I gained (so much that I'm not even putting it on the ticker.) You can check out my emergency help button post for more info. I feel held back by so many things, mostly a hip injury from running, but also the occasional stress eating (even though it is healthy foods - nuts, dark chocolate)

this week I tried waking up at 5am to get in an extra workout before work. I thought it would help me, but now I caught a terrible cold! This is so frustrating. I keep telling myself - it's easy! calories in calories out, just keep trying. but it's actually so much harder than that.

back to tracking every bit of food for me. I stopped because I would get to the end of the day and see - oh I've only consumed 1000 calories, that means I can have a glass of wine and some chocolate. I don't think I'll have that attitude now.

CHARMIAN2 Posts: 997
1/25/13 5:02 A

Keep goin and you will lose

BEVIEG41 Posts: 5,542
1/24/13 8:51 P

once you reach a certain age, your metabolism changes. I know when I was younger I had no problem losing the weight. Now it is a daily challenge. But we can do it.

1/24/13 12:35 P

Tweeking should help you tremendously. I have found that lately since I am now just 50 pounds to my goal it is harder to shed the weight. Tweaking and changing things around several times is what it took for me. Good luck and you can do this. Just don't give up.

PIRATETHECAT SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,744)
Posts: 17
1/24/13 9:50 A

What I found works best for me is to monitor the composition of my calories rather than just the recommended calories and recommended carbs/protein/fat. In addition to the sparkpeople, I read Bob Harper's latest book and took his recommendations by eliminating carbs after breakfast (though I think he recommends after lunch) and increasing my protein intake to half my body weight.

FITMOMINNJ SparkPoints: (67,517)
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Posts: 404
1/24/13 9:48 A

I stopped using the salt shaker, No Salt is a great sodium free alternative. I also cut my carbs, no starch after 2 pm . Also changing up what your doing exercise wise can really bust the plateau. I use a Polar heart rate monitor ,pushing it to 85 percent of my MHR , 60 minutes, 6 days a week.

BOOTYLICIOUS83 SparkPoints: (52,138)
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Posts: 4,165
1/24/13 9:15 A

ive been tracking for a few days now. ( started back up again this month) and been logging EVERYTHING been exercising and I feel like I am never gonna lose weight again like before. ( over the summer I lost 25 pounds) its VERY frustrating bc I have a friend who is heavy and shes lost 30 pds in 2 months and shes walking 8 miles a day.. and im losing nada..
I feel a bit better about myself but thats it
suggestions? tips??
greatly appreciated

FITNESS_ELLE Posts: 1,760
1/24/13 6:58 A

wow, thanks again for all your thoughts on this!

re- BMI I agree I'm pretty much healthy, these are more vanity pounds I guess. My body fat percentage is around 26%. That said, I keep comparing myself to my 25-year old self, which is maybe a little unfair (I'm 31 now). It was just SO much easier to maintain and/or loose a couple of pounds back then. My energy level was really good, and, in general I didn't feel like I needed to eat as much.

I have started working out in the mornings again. I think I have a lot more energy at that time, and so can probably get more from my workouts. My eating is as healthy as is realistic. If I cut down any more, I'll just be cranky and difficult to be around (no one wants that, haha) So, working out more is my only option, I think.

I do remember a few years ago when I started lifting weights - working out more intensely - it was nothing, nothing, nothing for a few months (even some weight gain/ bigger pants size from the muscle gain) and then after 3 months - BAM! - suddenly I dropped about 10 lbs. So, I agree with everyone. Sticking to it and being patient is key. Thanks again! It's nice to read everyone's posts and realize, oh, I knew that to be true at some point.... I just forgot about it!

:) Thank you!

BEVIEG41 Posts: 5,542
1/20/13 4:56 P

Just have to stick with it. It will show up eventually. Just don't give up.

EREBECCA SparkPoints: (4,541)
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1/20/13 4:49 P

I lost no weight for the last two weeks - this week I lost 4lbs. Everyone is different - if you know you're eatig healthily then you just need to be patient,

BEVIEG41 Posts: 5,542
1/20/13 4:25 P

Actually your body is in starvation mode. It thinks you are starving it, so it is stockpiling things. Once it realizes that you are not starving it, it will automatically begin to shed the weight. I was on a plateau for 9 months and never gave up and then all of a sudden I started to lose weight. Didn't change up anything, just kept a journal every day and exercised. You will see the results don't give up. emoticon

1/19/13 11:07 P

Okay...and you DO know you're super-dooper close to a healthy BMI, right? It's at 25.5 right now...24.9 is the high end of the healthy range.

So, this could simply be a matter of your body thinking that "healthy" is a different weight than you do. Your body will start fighting your efforts.

BEVIEG41 Posts: 5,542
1/18/13 2:48 P

I find when I don 't track I gain. So back to tracking, especially my sodium. I was told to keep my sodium at 1500mg a day and figured that was a piece of cake as I don't have salt in my house and never salt my food. HA..the first day I monitored my sodium I had taken in 4500 mg of sodium. What a shock that was for me. I never do frozen meals or fast food, so my problem is portion control. I use unsalted butter, and low sod bacon, it all works for me as long as I stick to 1500-1800 mg of sod a day. I lost 2.2 lbs this week tracking, so we will see how next week does for me. I went to the store and bought a Kale, broccoli salad, asparagus, beets, spinach and Japanese persimmons and oranges. Lets see how that all works for me. Keep watching your sodium and you will begin to see a difference.

FITNESS_ELLE Posts: 1,760
1/18/13 7:07 A

Thanks everyone!

I have been monitoring my sodium, and I think it is helping. Also, adding more protein! I was surprised a hard-boiled egg has fewer than 10 grams of protein. I'm trying to make sure I get about 20 g per meal.

I am taking a break from tracking for a bit, and focusing on more generally healthful choices. It's hard for me not to "play" with the numbers on the tracker. If I come in low one day, I find myself reaching for a dessert bc I've been so good all day. weird, right?!

BEVIEG41 Posts: 5,542
12/27/12 4:08 P

You have to remember to log EVERYTHING you eat. When I go to COSTCO I call all those tempting tastings my BLT's, Bites, licks and tastes and long them all as 4 points on WW, which would amount to 200 calories. Trust me, what you don't put on your log your body knows. Try monitoring your sodium. I know that will help. under 50 years of age it is 2400 mg, but 50 and over it is s1500 mg. Good luck.

12/27/12 3:10 P

For me, I'm satisfied with no weight gain.

12/27/12 3:06 P

For me, I'm satisfied with no weight gain.

12/27/12 12:15 P

i hit a platue for 2 months..the scale didnt move. however the tape measure said i lost 22 inches!

JENNKNUT Posts: 484
12/27/12 11:14 A

My weight gain or loss is directly tied to what I put in my mouth, and honesty is hard. I seem to "forget" putting that one candy in my mouth, or that one cookie, or another banana...small things like this add up to extra calories that I just don't need and they hinder my loss. I was struggling with the same thing, but I know that a huge part was holiday indulgences, a vacation, all within one month...I did not honestly did not track everything...I am thinking about doing WW again, but I really don't want to spend the money just to have someone weigh me. Maybe I will get the hubby to track and write it down...?

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 59,038
12/27/12 9:07 A

When I don't track I usually have those very same results. Tracking helps me stay HONEST, no tracking usually means eating mindlessly and without regard for the nutrients and calories.

OJ_2_OK SparkPoints: (20,167)
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12/25/12 8:10 P

Happy to hear you're back on track and feeling more motivated!

BEVIEG41 Posts: 5,542
12/24/12 5:48 P

Have you tried monitoring your Sodium? When I began monitoring my Sodium I lost 7 lbs. I was told to keep it at 1500 mg a day, seemed easy, but really was quite a challenge for me. After the Holidays I will go back to tracking my sodium and going back to the gym. emoticon

BFMONICA Posts: 1,624
12/24/12 12:58 P

That's my goal.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

FITNESS_ELLE Posts: 1,760
12/23/12 2:26 P

Hi! This is FitGirl2000, I'm going by the screen name Fitness_Elle for now. Maybe I will switch back. It depends on my mood. :)

I wanted to give a quick update. I have lost about 3-5 lbs since re-starting the Spark. It was just hard to tell for a while there with all the fluctuations, but my weight has remained pretty steadily 3-5 lbs below where I started. So: Yay!

My fiber has also increased as I have made healthier choices. I'm at around 25-30 grams now, (naturally, so I'm not in need of supplements now after all.)

Also, I met with a trainer at my gym to determine body fat percentage, look at my diet, and figure out a work out plan: My fat percentage is at 27%, which is better than I had imagined. Hopefully I can get that down to around 19%. I will be so excited if I do. After looking at my diet (I gave him copies of my tracking from the Spark) he suggested moving some calories to make my snack and dinner more substantial. I work out in the evenings, so hopefully this will help with my energy level. I'm not naturally a big breakfast person, but I had read breakfast is really important, so I had sort of been forcing myself to eat more than I really need. I go to work and sit at my office desk all day. Not much calorie burning going on there. Hopefully this way I will burn the calories from my dinner and snack during my workouts and see better results.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. You have really helped my motivation :)

REBCCA SparkPoints: (412,740)
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12/16/12 1:38 P

Hello again FitGirl,

I do not take fiber supplements so cannot help with that, sorry.

I DO find these things to be most tasty way of including fiber in my diet:
-Barley (also very compatible with sensitive tummy)
-Nutritional Yeast

-Beans (I do a mix of several types)

OJ_2_OK SparkPoints: (20,167)
Fitness Minutes: (13,837)
Posts: 1,374
12/15/12 9:03 P

How accurate is your tracking? Are you guessing on some things? are you tracking EVERY thing? If you are taking tiny bites here and there and not recording them because you feel that they may be minute....stop and take a moment to write them down because you may be suprised to see how much it adds up.

FITNESS_ELLE Posts: 1,760
12/15/12 8:25 P



Yes, Fiber is so important, I agree. I have to be careful not to go over, since that can cause just as much stomach pain as not getting enough, at least for me.

I track fiber, as well as some other minerals and vitamins on sparkpeople. It has been really helpful, and I have started taking supplements because some of my nutrients were a little low.

My fiber has been around 20 grams a day. Do you have any fiber supplements to recommend? I know there is s difference between soluble/insoluble and bulk forming, but I'm not sure what?

FITNESS_ELLE Posts: 1,760
12/15/12 8:20 P


What would be the drawback of working out too hard? I am a hard core exerciser. I either work out until I get to my max heart rate, or I sort of skip the gym (bad, i know.)

I have been going 3 times a week, I work out for about an hour doing High Intensity stuff.

Recently I hurt my hip though, so my Dr. has me on PT and only doing light cycling and yoga. It's hard to get used to taking it easy, but I'm hoping I will still get results. Also, I am meeting with a personal trainer this coming Friday, so we'll see what he says.

TULAA3 Posts: 308
12/15/12 6:58 P

Are you exercising? If so, are you exercising too much/too hard (have you tried a heart monitor)? Search the site for other ideas, there is a wealth of information on here about many others who have also been in your position! Good luck!

REBCCA SparkPoints: (412,740)
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Posts: 22,800
12/15/12 6:32 P

emoticon On the clean eating.

Please let us know how it goes with your tweaking and progress.
You did not mention fiber. My experiences have shown me how plenty of fiber helps escalate weight loss.
Wishing you smooth and easy success....with fun along the way! emoticon

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AM_MORRIS87 Posts: 1,665
12/15/12 1:56 P

Yeah I think lowering your calories will definitely work. I am 5' 7 and 165 lbs, and am losing steadily at 1200-1500. When I was eating 1300-1700 I stopped losing, which is why I adjusted my cals. Good luck!

FITNESS_ELLE Posts: 1,760
12/15/12 11:04 A

nope, no processed foods whatsoever. I was diagnosed with severe food intolerances about 10 years ago. No wheat, rice, grains, beans, milk or anything difficult to digest.

I eat "clean" - mostly vegetables, fish, almond milk, fruit. At first this diet guaranteed that I would not have trouble with my weight, but over the last few years I have noticed I am gaining about 10 lbs per year. I want it to stop, which is why I joined sparkpeople. I have a feeling the calorie range is really just too high. Also, I am wondering whether lowering my fat intake and raising my protein might help? I have more information below:

Protein intake is a little low (56-84 g.), so I ordered an egg-based protein powder that I plan to use in smoothies.
Calories have been between 1500-1800,
Fat: 60g (from olive oil and nuts)
Carbs: 200g.
These are all based on weekly averages.

Here are my stats:
I am between 5'6" - 5'7" tall and at about 155-160 lbs(ack!) with a 30" waist. I have put on a decent amount of muscle mass since starting to work out seriously in 2009, but I would definitely like to loose a lot of fat. I was at about 145-147 lbs. (27" waist) last year around this time. In 2009 I was 135, which is my ideal weight, but I'm trying to set realistic goals. Of course, I would love to be back at that weight, if that is possible.

Thanks for the feedback so far! I really appreciate the help.

BRITOMART Posts: 8,260
12/15/12 10:12 A

Not just how much, but what you eat, which is why the suggestion of posting your trackers can help. If you are high in certain areas, you may need to adjust those areas, more than just the overall numbers. If you are eating lots of processed foods, you may want to go more simple. Each body is different, and you need to learn yours.

FITNESS_ELLE Posts: 1,760
12/14/12 8:23 P

thanks! I definitely have been at the high end of my recommended daily allowance. I'll tweak it :)

REBCCA SparkPoints: (412,740)
Fitness Minutes: (216,165)
Posts: 22,800
12/14/12 7:22 P

If you make a SparkPage and share your trackers it would be easier to advise you. Sparkpages are fun too!!

We are all individual and the benefit of tracking is to show us where we need to adjust/tweak our 'numbers' to see results.

I tracked everything I ate for 9 years and even with an average of 45 minutes to 80 minutes of daily exercise I found I gain weight if I eat at the high end of my suggested range of 1200 to 1500 calories. It seems you are already fit and do not need to lose much weight. I definitely have found those last ten pounds MUCH harder to shed.

Think about the benefits of ingraining healthy choices and building a more empowered lifestyle as you acquire qualities of perseverance, consistency and patience. This is a process and takes time but it is worth the journey. Hang in here!

FITNESS_ELLE Posts: 1,760
12/14/12 7:09 P

I'm feeling kind of unmotivated because I have not seen any change in the scale other than the normal fluctuation. I know most people gain muscle, but because I was already pretty fit, I don't think that is the case for me. I have remained in my recommended calorie range, except for the occassional off-day because of holiday parties and such. Even on holidays, though I haven't gone crazy. I need some tips! I'm tired of my pants feeling so tight, and I refuse to go up yet another size!!

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