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8/28/13 8:15 P

I used to take care of my mentally retarded daughter. I prayed a lot & I got respite care. There are agencies that can help with the cost & will provide people's names that will do the respite. I would drop her off at someone's house & they would care for her all weekend. Another thing I did was find a support group with other people who had kids with special needs. I hope these things help. See if there is a Spark group with similar needs. That might help too.

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8/28/13 8:03 P

#1, I've always thrived on organized chaos....but no, stress is usually a cinch now-a-days!! Life is too short, although I've stopped eating dessert first!!

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8/28/13 4:54 P

thx for taking the time to respond - i have exhausted almost every avenue of hope - i do have drs and other professionals but as they have explained - if the person is cognizant and aware you cannot force anything. i certainly would not want to be responsible for trying to do anything wrong. i am not dealing with alzheimer's - this condition is extremely hard - there are multiple demons at work - from anger/abuse management to drug and alcohol abuse.
thx again - i will keep trying

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8/28/13 6:33 A

No I am not in your situation. But I saw where no one has responded yet. Have you checked to see what services might be available in your area? The mentally ill person's doctor may be able to put you in touch-- or try calling your local hospital and ask to speak to one of the social workers. One of the men I work with.... his wife has alzheimer's and I know arranging for help caring for his wife, so he can work (and get away from it all for a while) has helped him a lot. And he has other family members who have stepped up to the plate a bit, too, to help him out. Another one of the guys I work with-- his mother has alzheimer's and they had to put her in a nursing home with an alzheimer's wing a while back.... just couldn't handle her at home any more. Which sometimes is the best solution overall after you've exhausted your resources and frankly, yourself too. Have you checked to see what the person's insurance will cover, as far as in-home care?

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8/26/13 2:16 P

i have not posted to this site. are any of you involved in the care giving of a mentally ill person ?do you have any help?
can anyone comment on your coping strategies. i am at the end of my endurance and i fear for my own sanity.
i don't want to elaborate - just a general response might give me a nugget of hope.

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