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2/12/10 3:37 P

i dont think its the banana, because i have the same problem in the afternoon when i dont have any banana at all.
but, today I had cashew butter and a different granola bar, so we'll see what happens! I'll let you guys know! :)

BSEGUIN Posts: 226
2/12/10 11:45 A

Peanut butter used to be one of my favorites but I've suddenly developed an intolerance for it. When I eat it it feels like lead in my stomach for hours. People suggested that I try other nut butters like Nutella. I really like it but have to be careful with portion size. So try other nut butters. That may help.

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2/12/10 11:06 A

It might be the banana. In the running world, bananas are known to trigger nasty indigestion during a run in some people, so many runners avoid eating them before a workout. After a workout, they're a good food because of the carbs they replae and the potassium but before a workout they can have nasty effects.
Again, this is only in some people. Others eat bananas pre-run with no problems.

The less ripe the banana the worse the effects are.

2/11/10 8:01 P

i have tried sunflower butter, i wasn't particuarly fond of it... (sorry! :( )
i do think it is the peanut butter though- whiich is a shame- i LOVE LOVE LOVE peanut butter.
just cant eat it before workouts i guess

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2/11/10 5:01 P

You might want to try sun flower seed butter it taste really good and has the good fats and protein like the peanut butter.

ELIZABETHC4 Posts: 107
2/11/10 1:55 P

The peanut butter might be what was making you feel icky. People have very different tolerances for what they can/can't eat before working out. I can basically eat whatever, but some of my friends have to be really careful. Just listen to your body when it tries to tell you something, she's almost always right! Hope that helps!

2/11/10 1:44 P

before workouts, i normally have a serving of peanut butter (flavored or original, organic/all natural) either for breakfat with toast and half a banana, or in the afternoon with a Clif kid Z bar.

i was noticing that I really wouldn't be hungry when i had that breakfast, eeven 3-4 hours later. also, during my workout, i would (sorry tmi!) burp/have indigestion.
so i switched up my breakfast-
no indigestion, and now im much hungrier afterward!
could it be just that pb takes a long time to digest cause of the high fat content? i was only having 1 1/2 Tbsp- 2 Tbsp at a time, and always gave 1 - 1/2 hours before working out
any thoughts?

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