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2/3/14 8:02 P

emoticon I don't think you need advice, I think you've already made some great choices to get back on the road to both physical and emotional wellness. Just explore sparkpeople, make full use of articles, teams, message boards, videos and a full array of resources. You too will reach your goals. emoticon

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2/3/14 7:47 P

thanks!! :) im gonna try at least

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2/3/14 7:41 P

Hi welcome to the spark. ..this site is amazing. .join teams add spark friends check out secrets of success and motivation stories can do it :)

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2/3/14 1:28 P

OK so im obviously new to this, I just searched google, support for weight loss, and this is what i came up with. i used to be very fit and proud of my body but i fell into pretty bad depression and stopped caring about my body. once the habit of being healthy broke its so hard to get back into it. its been a little over a year since i stopped working out. i thought if i joined a site like this it wouldnt be as hard to get back to where i was. im hoping itll be easier not doing it alone. hopefully this will be more inspirational for me and less like a giant guilt trip. feel free to give me advice or whatever, it would definitely be helpful!!

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