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2/25/14 2:20 P

I regularly skip breakfast, but it's because I just find it difficult to eat in the morning. I'm never hungry in the morning. If I do have breakfast, it's very light, like a piece of fruit or a smoothie or something. I feel really loaded down all day if I have breakfast. I never skip lunch or dinner, though. :D...well, unless I'm not hungry. I try to eat only when I'm hungry.

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2/25/14 12:30 P

No. You put your body in PANIC mode. It throws off your metabolism?

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2/25/14 12:20 P

No no no.

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2/25/14 12:11 P


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2/25/14 11:26 A

no, should at least have a healthy snack to keep metabo going

HOLLYM48 Posts: 18,805
2/25/14 10:05 A

eventually you are so hungry if you skip a meal that by the time you eat, you want to eat everything in site and as fast as possible so I say no.

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2/25/14 10:00 A

i dont see anything wrong with skipping meals. i do it all the time.

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2/25/14 9:50 A


EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
2/25/14 9:36 A

I eat when I'm hungry and don't eat when I'm not hungry.

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2/25/14 9:11 A


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2/25/14 9:02 A


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2/25/14 6:04 A


TENNISJIM Posts: 11,750
2/25/14 5:48 A

no it's not good

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2/25/14 5:35 A


RUBENB2003 Posts: 14,837
2/24/14 11:36 P

I try to avoid skipping meals

ALLYALLYT Posts: 9,468
2/24/14 11:30 P


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2/24/14 11:30 P


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2/24/14 11:28 P


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2/24/14 10:39 P


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2/24/14 9:56 P

No, we are supposed to be re-training ourselves to eat "normally", and skipping just leads to over serving ourselves later on, or the next day, etc. It all comes out in the try to regulate yourself now, while you still can.

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2/24/14 9:51 P


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2/24/14 9:41 P

Not for me, that's for sure!

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2/24/14 9:32 P


UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
2/24/14 7:30 P

eat often

MAMA_CD Posts: 1,507
2/24/14 6:30 P

It would be better to spread out your nutrition throughout the day, otherwise you may find yourself hungry and going over the day's nutrition allotment.

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2/24/14 6:19 P


CYFREE15 Posts: 248
2/24/14 4:52 P

I occassionally skip dinner if I have a huge, late lunch. Not in any attempt to save calories, just because I am not hungry.

GEVANS7 SparkPoints: (300,258)
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2/24/14 4:20 P

Not for me. I'll overeat if I do. I prefer to eat small portions at regular meal times. I USED to starve all day and gorge all night.

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2/24/14 3:18 P


No, it's not healthy to skip meals even if you happened to eat a little more than you wanted. Skipping a meal implies that you did something wrong and deserve to be punished by missing dinner.

If you happened to eat a little too much at lunch, then eat a lighter meal at dinner such as a BIG leafy green salad.

Eating a little too much one day WILL NOT make or break your healthy lifestyle. the fact is, there are going to be days you eat more than others. It happens. As long as it doesn't happen every day, you'll be fine. Skipping meals also implies being on a diet. Dieters skip meals because they are worried they'll eat too much.

Someone engaging in a healthy lifestyle will be more mindful of their portions for dinner. They might even eat something a little lighter, but they will not skip a meal to compensate.

Because... what happens if you eat too much at lunch more often ? Are you going to continue to skip dinner ? If so, that's not healthy. I wouldn't want to live like that. Instead, eat a little ligher tonight. that's all.

You don't have to be perfect to be healthy.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,456
2/24/14 3:13 P

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2/24/14 3:06 P

Is it good to skip a meal if I have met my quota for the day in keeping record of what I eat and how much?

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