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2/18/11 9:44 P

Although pickles are very low in calories they are very high in salt. Salt will cause your body to retain water. If you retain water you will hinder your weight loss. As a result I'd take it easy on the pickles. Try cucumber slices with a little balsamic vinegar instead. They should give you the sour food craving you want with lower salt levels.

JOJO58 SparkPoints: (56,250)
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2/18/11 9:32 P

I would watch the sodium.

MRSSALLEE SparkPoints: (0)
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2/18/11 9:03 P

I would think all of the sodium would not be healthy. Maybe try cucumbers dipped in lowfat sour cream. I know I have a "salt tooth" instead of a sweet one, so I understand the draw to pickles.

J2740LOU SparkPoints: (325,434)
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2/18/11 8:53 P

The bad about a pickle is the amount of sodium you are consuming in a day. Too much sodium in your diet is just as bad as not enough. Remember that sodium is necessary to maintain heart rhythm and too much is just as harmful as not enough. That is why your should consume a well balanced diet every day. It's just healthier for you. To binge on consuming a huge amount of one particular food is just not healthy. A few of that particular food isn't harmful when grouped within a healthy well-balanced diet.

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2/18/11 8:09 P

For those of us who are tracking sodium, keep in mind that a few weeks ago the U.S.D.A revised its sodium guidelines to 1500mg per day max (it was 2300mg). As of last night, Spark's recommendation is still 2300 max.

2/18/11 7:55 P

Pickles are one of my worst vices! The sodium is ridic, so I have to be really careful, but there are certainly worse choices to make! I could take down an entire jar in a day....Id fight Snooki for the last one, no joke.

MIAMI_LILLY SparkPoints: (203,720)
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2/18/11 7:34 P

Since they are so high in sodium, you'll retain water. I know it's only water weight, but if you're a person that gets discouraged by the numbers on the scale, the pickles may do more harm than good. I would slice up cucumbers and sprinkle them with a little vinegar and dried dill.

CHAIRUL Posts: 3,542
2/18/11 7:17 P

Depends on what you mean by a lot!

CATIEMARIE Posts: 2,313
2/18/11 7:17 P

I do think they have lots of sodium, so maybe not too eat tooo many.

TRILLIANTOO SparkPoints: (41,587)
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2/18/11 7:15 P

Also they do NOT have virtually no calories.

Look at the label, do the math - or better yet, go find the USDA database, or perhaps get on Spark and find out the calories.

Yes, not as much calories as meat or cheese, but still they do add up.

TRILLIANTOO SparkPoints: (41,587)
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2/18/11 7:13 P

I agree with the sodium aspect - crazy high sodium!!!

I would suggest adding all nutrients to your tracker, then doing the Report, and seeing what you're getting from the pickles, then trying to find something else that matches those numbers.

And also think about the other aspects of things like are you turning to crunchy things to crunch out stress?

What is it about pickles that is so delightful for you?

I think pickles are fine but in moderation - sounds like there's a greater need going on here.

MINDYBCUZ Posts: 211
2/18/11 11:21 A

i recently was obsessed with pickles I bought the biggest jar that I could find yummy, then I realized that my feet kept puffing up from all of the sodium so I cut out pickles and salsa and now I feel better instead I just eat plain ol cucumbers -I know it's not the same but it's still crunchy emoticon

MOUCHE Posts: 8,026
2/18/11 11:05 A

Way to much sodium to eat everyday.

2/18/11 2:33 A

I try to eat a variety of veggies to get all of the nutrition I need. And fruit. Don't accomplish this everytime but aim for it. There is such a wide array of tastes involved with the many I have tried and keep coming back to because I love the flavors and how they make me feel.

KWEENIE777 Posts: 1,649
2/18/11 2:24 A

I don't remember where I read it, but pickles are very bad for the heart, healthwise. Moderation is the key...

MARLINDA5 Posts: 8,192
2/18/11 2:11 A

They are high in sodium - so not a good idea. I like to eat them also but I don't eat them everyday

SLIMLILA SparkPoints: (100,502)
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2/18/11 12:31 A

I thought pickles were good too til I saw the sodium content.. I also do sauerkraut, don't think the sodium is as high?????

KENDILYNN SparkPoints: (22,924)
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2/17/11 11:44 P

I find that jalapenos (from a jar, not raw) fill the same craving for me as pickles, but you wont need to eat so many of them. I like to get the hottest ones, paired with a little low-fat cream cheese on top of Triscuits.

Also, pickled ginger, like they serve at sushi restaurants. I can eat that stuff straight out of the jar.

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (600,231)
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2/17/11 11:38 P

Yes, especially if you're watching your sodium. emoticon

_UMAMI_ Posts: 6,864
2/17/11 11:29 P

I have trouble even reading this w/ out reaching for a glass of water. I'm trying to reduce sodium in my diet. I love pickles w/ certain foods, and mustard, pretzels, popcorn, etc. But watching sodium. Even I, a salt lover, find salt in too many things. Salty ice cream, even!

AURORA.BELLA Posts: 1,427
2/17/11 10:17 P

I feel your pain, I've done this too!! I went through like 3 HUGE jars of big pickles in 2 weeks. Now i am really tired of them and i have a jar with one pickle floating in it that I can't bring myself to eat. Seems like a good idea because they are only like 5 calories for a big one but the salt will make you retain water and you won't see the results on the scale.

NSBOWEN Posts: 1,763
2/14/11 6:27 P

There really high in sodium so try some other crunchy, but healthy, food to replace it like baby carrots.

LEAN_MOM Posts: 356
2/14/11 5:08 P

Try plain vegetables without all the sodium. Cucumbers, like someone else mentioned, zucchini, carrots, celery. If you're going to eat too much of something, make it be vegetables!

RICCILYNN Posts: 2,454
2/14/11 4:03 P

As everyone else said - too much sodium... a low-cal snack that I ate while I was on Medi-fast was celery sticks with salsa... had that great crunch, loads of flavor, and very low-cal...

CAMEOSUN SparkPoints: (86,617)
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2/14/11 12:58 P

Just be aware of the sodium content. Remember...moderation is the key!

CHOOWY Posts: 4,240
2/14/11 12:54 P

The Japanese eat pickled vegetables everyday with their dinner and I think studies have shown that they have a higher incidence of stomach cancer because of it.

MNNICE Posts: 17,741
2/14/11 11:44 A

I love dill pickles but have cut down on them since I started tracking sodium and realized how hard it is to stay within the recommended amount. But now and then, I just need to have a peanutbutter and pickle sandwich -- yumm!

BARBARAA9 Posts: 660
2/14/11 11:08 A

This site has sodium content of common foods. It lists dill pickle 3.5 oz as having 1428 mg.

CFRISBIE Posts: 177
2/14/11 11:03 A

the sodium content would be a concern. you may be able to find some with a lower sodium content.

MAURMAUR Posts: 548
2/14/11 11:00 A

i love pickles, but its still something you need to limit. the sodium and sugar would concern me.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,583
2/13/11 8:29 P

I looked up the nutrition information. This was for Del Monte, so keeping in mind that the information will possibly fluctuate with the brand.

Serving size: 1 oz
Sodium in 1 oz 210 mgs.

So if I am reading correctly you consume 21 ounces of Baby Gerkens a day. So in a your approximate sodium consumption is 4,410 mgs. And that doesn't include the sodium from other foods.

Maybe Cucumbers might help in fighting off cravings. I believe the English Cucumbers do not cause as much tummy trouble

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OFITSER Posts: 743
2/13/11 7:11 P

The sodium will cause you to retain water as your body tries to neutralize itself... so while they are lower in calories, you won't want to eat a lot of them.

SOFIAGONZ SparkPoints: (0)
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2/13/11 5:21 P

they have a lot of salt but once in a while is okay

KENP22 Posts: 1,247
2/13/11 5:20 P

man are they ever packed with salt/sodium!

BROADBRUSH Posts: 1,806
2/13/11 4:27 P

overdoing a LOT of anything is not really a good habit to get into. with sweet sour or salty - your body will react - not in a positive way.
it is probably more habit and emotional - obviously you have to work on behavior modification - try switching up for a plain cucumber - still crunchy and it takes a lot to over do = good luck BB

BABYDOLL0205 Posts: 2,588
2/13/11 4:21 P

Wow, another pickle lover. I love Sweet Gherkins. I just came across them now made with Splenda instead of sugar. SO I AM ON A ROLL! I am in perfect health, but worry about sodium. Everything is loaded with that stuff. I say enjoy if you are in good health & get regular check ups. I eat a clean diet, but the protein is all loaded with sodium. I can't win so I decided to enjoy what I like my little gherkins. Just make sure your sodium levels are ok. ENJOY THE PICKLES! emoticon

2/13/11 2:41 P

I don't think so unless you have an issue with too much sodium

TERRIAM SparkPoints: (0)
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2/13/11 2:37 P

I sure hope dill pickles are a good choice, because I am definitely a fan! I too was thinking that the sodium may be the bad thing in them.
To me, if I have 2 baby dills with a healthy sandwich, I don't miss not having chips or anything else.
When packing my lunch for work I'll put 2 baby dills with some juice in a ziplock and add baby carrots, celery or cherry tomatoes. All veggies taste better when they have been 'kissed' by dill pickles!
Also, have you every tried PB & DP (Peanut butter & Dill pickle sandwiches? Or even a dill pickle with a tablespoon of peanut butter? That's one of my favorite snack items!

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KATHAKU Posts: 1,156
2/13/11 2:33 P

Oh, one more thing, what works for me is eating an orange, or if I'm really, really craving something. I will eat to get rid of the cravings. I'm not much of a snacker though.

KATHAKU Posts: 1,156
2/13/11 2:32 P

The sodium is the only thing I could see wrong with it, or potentially hazardous. Maybe try to find another veggie/fruit that helps with your cravings the same way pickles do? Good luck finding what works for yoU!

BTW: They're, There, Their.

SHERRIE59 SparkPoints: (54,049)
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Posts: 7,527
2/13/11 2:31 P

Not sure...but I don't like them in my burgers

BLUEEYEZ9 SparkPoints: (1,441)
Fitness Minutes: (689)
Posts: 34
2/13/11 2:30 P

Since I've been trying to loose weight and count calories, I have been eating literally about a half of a 42oz jar of baby pickles a day lol I know that must sound ridiculous, but the pickles seam to end my cravings and hunger between meals and they have virtually no calories. The only bad thing I can see would be all the sodium, but the pickles are about the only thing with much sodium I have been eating. I don't have high blood pressure or any other conditions that make sodium really dangerous and I have been drinking lots of water to try to keep the sodium flushed out of my system. I'm just wondering if it could hurt me or be bad in any way to be eating so much pickles :-) Thanks

BTW - there dill pickles

And one more thing, if anyone has any other alternatives I could try, I'm open to suggestions :-)

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