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6/13/13 11:22 A

Medical history is usually asked for at the start of the visit, along with any meds and
vitamins you are now taking....and the medical history of family members.....and any problems you are experiencing......childhood diseases...

They will take your weight, height, temperature, blood pressure

A GOOD Physical exam includes everything from head to, heart, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, breasts for lumps, legs and feet for swelling, reflex, and a complete blood workup including an A1C for Diabetes and Vitamin D test, etc...some doc's now taken oxygen levels like my physician......

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6/12/13 9:58 P

I've went to a doctor of internal medicine when I thought I had IBS or GERD. The first physical exam was the usual: blood pressure, temperature, he checked my tongue and nails and eyes and felt my stomach area. I didn't have to get undressed. Then, he ordered full labs.

He suspected gastritis so I had to get nutritional therapy and medicine for acid reflux. I had to go back every month because he prescribed different meds and dosages for my reflux.

He basically, worked with monitoring my weight, nutrition/diet and meds for 3 months and then he referred me to a Gastroenterologist.

The Gastro ordered and endoscopy and MRI of my stomach.

Make a list of your symptoms and be honest with the kinds of food you eat. Good Luck!!

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My weight has fluctuated about 15 pounds in the last year. First it went too low and now I'm at a normal BMI, but still feel as if my body is out of whack. I plan on going to an Internist and was just curious of what the physical exam would entail for a 24 year old female.

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