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2/3/13 8:11 A

Welcome to SP. Hang tough and stay healthy.

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2/3/13 12:13 A

Hello community. My name is Tamara and i have been following the message boards since the summer. I was loggimg in daily but kind of lost steam. These days I believe its more important than ever to limit preservatives, exercise, and eat in moderation to maintain good health and encourage longevity. My topic suggestion is sowing good seeds to inspire good health while helping others.
Did you know that every 4 minutes someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer???
Toxins, stress, environmental pollution, preservatives and hormones in our food and many other things cause cancer.4 months ago as i began this journey, my seemingly healthy mother in law was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Of the 10 million people in the national marrow bank there is no match for her. I would ask that as you progress in your goals you take a minute to consider registering to Be The Match. Someone needs your help. THANKS for

reading this post. Thank you for all your willingness to share your struggles and successes
GETTING BACK ON TRACK foryself and my family. See forore information.

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