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1/21/13 3:17 P

nikke, do you put the whole workout into the tracker (say for max plyo, 55min, as it says at the beginning of the clock), or do you take off 5-10 for the stretches (and down times)?

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1/21/13 12:41 P

I used to track that type of workout as general high impact aerobics (just type in aerobics in the search field and it will pop up. Make sure to favorite it, and then you won't have to search any more).

Now I have a heart-rate monitor and use that calorie count instead. Turns out they match up pretty well! Trust the tracker - I thought for sure I would burn way more calories than it said, but turns out - nope, I barely burn more than 300 calories during a very intense 1 hour session (I'm just small, so I can't burn as many calories as a bigger person would)

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1/21/13 8:27 A

Personally, I think the vids are awesome.
If you like it will depend on what you want out of it.
The style is bootcamp or a sports conditioning sessions. Others have told me the videos they use are more 'fun' because its more like dancing than actually working... but I feel like his coach attitude pushes you and keeps you in check. I'd be worried about not pushing myself as hard if I was in dance mode, but again, that's me. Actually might try it once I'm into my 'maintenance' phase... but not yet.
I also really appreciated how they actually show the participants dropping like flies at some points, which at least to me, was far more reassuring than seeing everyone going through it like it was nothing while I'm dying at some points. It actually motivated me more ^_^.

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1/21/13 12:26 A

how do you like insanity??

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1/20/13 3:47 P


Below is an Ask the Expert's response on how to track these workouts.

Coach Nancy

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1/20/13 3:30 P

how do I track insanity on the fitness tracker?

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