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Are you working with a physician, counselor or dietitian who is a specialist in treating people with eating disorders??? You need to be. The therapist will help you with your re-feeding program. The therapist would be preparing you for these stages in your treatment program and how to manage the hunger.

This site, our experts and our members should not be providing the therapy and eating plan that you need---it would be medically inappropriate and could be dangerous to your recovery process. Please work with your trained professional.

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I'm am weight restored (use to weigh 90 pounds). This hunger you are describing is totally normal in recovery and it's also the reason lots of people in recovery from anorexia become bulimic.

I love sparks, but this site is not equipped to help people in recovery from eds.

This insane and intense hunger will pass. the worst thing you can do right now is to restrict any kind of food right now.

I eat several thousand calories a day and I don't gain weight because I have problems with malabsorption.

Are you seeing a doctor or a dietitian?

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first off, i am not trying to lose weight, i am trying to gain (well, recover from an eating disorder). i'm currently about 75 pounds (male, 5'5").
i find that not only am i hungry pretty much all the time, no matter how much i eat, but it gets beyond feeling just a bit hungry; it gets really comfortable if i go longer than maybe 3~4 hours without eating, where my stomach will be growling and i feel kind of nauseous and like if i don't eat right now i'm going to die. it's like this even when i go to bed; i'm awake at 2 or 3 or 4 in the morning because i'm so hungry, despite having eaten a large dinner. i just finished an entire order of greasy chinese take out and i'm still hungry.

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