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8/30/13 9:14 A

Variety is important as is various "colors!"

SUEK24 Posts: 1,139
8/28/13 7:26 P

Variety with veggies is important for getting varied minerals, vitamins and polyphenols.

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8/28/13 1:20 A

I like fresh veggies but some of the frozen area pretty good. … … I keep on trying different things with apple juice… It’s very beneficial…especially for my skin.

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8/28/13 1:08 A

No gardening!?! That is my major entertainment these days. :) It is therapeutic and you get tomatoes too! I've just started teaching myself to can, and I'm finding it surprisingly easy, plus the jars look pretty on the shelves.

I lived in a wild and scenic area on the Oregon Coast for a while, four hours from Portland, so I understand the whole medium-sized city=exotic thing. I've also lived in Quito, Ecuador, which is at 10,000 feet. A lot grows around there actually, but if you go higher up in the mountains, it's just potatoes, oca and yucca. The Andes are a very carby place.

CHIBI_TOTORO SparkPoints: (147)
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8/27/13 11:47 P

Oh, i don't garden or can. hehe. :-)
our height of the local farmers markest is aug - sept. storms start to roll in end of sept, so it's a hit or miss if a weekend will have a market.

we are at 15,000. so yeah, it's high. :-) denver is 3 hours away, and i load up when i go down there, cause frozen and canned here, is still pretty much corn, peas, carrots, spinach. Denver is like "exotic" heh. i hit asian markets and whole foods and find all kinds of fun fresh foods... but luxury is luxury.

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/27/13 9:28 P

Your harvest season is only a month long? Are you at very high altitude?

I recommend buying and canning or freezing your local produce now if you are able to. Do you have the option to do any gardening next year? I've been getting almost all of my veggies out of my own garden for the last three months and am canning like crazy.

In the winter, and when money is tight, I tend to buy lettuce, spinach, carrots and tomatoes...and to supplement here and there with other things. It doesn't *seem* to be hurting me. :)

8/27/13 8:51 P

When out of season---reach for frozen and canned. They all count!!!
For your canned varieties, drain and rinse to remove up to 40% of the added sodium.
ENJOY them all!

your SP Registered Dietitian

SPARKBJOK SparkPoints: (158,304)
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Posts: 4,606
8/27/13 8:47 P

I love fresh veggies but some of the frozen area pretty good - and all are good for you. Variety in color is important.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (250,607)
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8/27/13 8:24 P

Frozen veges can be just as nutritious as fresh, because they are generally snap-frozen within hours of being harvested, whereas many fresh ones aren't really that fresh, and lose a lot of nutrients when it is a while before they are consumed. Frozen can also be heaps cheaper than fresh - check the specials!

As far as what you eat, I eat pretty much the same veges most days, but I firmly believe that if you look for a rainbow in colour with what you consume, then you are covering your bases.

As far as the same salads are concerned, try varying your dressings - squeeze of lime one day; orange juice another, French dressing another day and Balsamic another. It is amazing how much different it makes a salad seem.


CHIBI_TOTORO SparkPoints: (147)
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8/27/13 7:01 P

Other than the month around harvest (starting now! yeah!) vegies are really expensive in my neck of the woods. Basically out side of my budget for all but some basics like carrots, lettuce, cabbage.

How important is "variety" in your 5 servings a day. I love vegies, and would love the variety, but it's just not reasonable where I live in colorado, unless it's frozen or canned or harvest time.

Is eating the same salad day in day out (while boring) sufficient for your 5 a day?

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