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9/17/13 10:04 P

I deal with bed bugs A LOT at my job (I am a hall director on a college campus) and there are a few ways to know if they are bed bugs or not.

Check the corners of her mattress for red spots. Also check her sheets for little red spots. These spots are traces of blood left over. Bed bugs are the shape and size of an apple seed. Check behind mirrors and things on the walls. Also, check behind headboards. Typically bed bugs come from traveling and have nothing to do with the cleanliness of the home.

It is possible for your daughter to show symptoms because younger people tend to be allergic to bed bugs. If you are allergic, you will have bumps, if you are not allergic, you would never notice anything. If you see red traces of blood around her mattress and her sheets, have an exterminator come out. Bed bugs do not carry any diseases, and doctors cannot diagnosis bed bug bites versus mosquito bites.

I hope that helps!

9/17/13 8:59 P

If you can't get in with your pediatrician, check in your area for things like the Minute Clinic at CVS. You get to do walk in visits with a Nurse Practitioner.

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9/17/13 11:00 A

She needs to be checked out since that symptom has many possible reasons for being. My son was allergic to the protein in fleas. So even if just one got on him and didn't even bite him, he looked like he had slept in the dog house all night. It was tough since we had a few dogs and cats and even if we didn't, so many of our friends and relatives did. Even then, he could get bit by just being out on a lawn.

So get her checked out. My prayers are with her that it's just some minor issue.

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9/12/13 2:24 P

Naturally you want to tell the clinic that you don't care who she sees, you just need her seen. If they can't offer you that service when you need it, it may be worth considering a move to another clinic with more flexibility. As far as the spots, etc., it could be pityriasis rosea. It's a skin rash caused by a virus that can cover the entire body. Usually starts with a single signal spot and spreads fairly quickly afterwards. It can be itchy so keep her skin well hydrated with a sensitive formula moisturizer and limit baths as they can be drying. Use an oatmeal product in the bath to help too. If that is what she has, there is no treatment. You just have to let the virus run its course which could be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. I only know all this because my 3 1/2 year old son has it right now. His "signal" spot showed up early August and is just between his nipple and armpit and looked like a fire ant bite at first. Then it started looking like ringworm and then his whole body was covered in tiny bumps and clumps of bumps. It's healing slowly. No known cause for the virus, just something kids seem to pick up but once you get it, you're good.

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8/28/13 8:59 A

Sounds like Bed Bugs, don,t be embarrased or offended, it does not mean you are not clean.
I know 2 people that had them. It is quite an ordeal and expense to get rid of them.

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8/21/13 1:21 A

Get her in when you can. Chicken pox does not go all over a body either. I would get her checked out though.

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8/9/13 6:45 P

I would call the pediatrician again and stress that it's urgent. Even if you can't see the doctor, maybe there's a nurse practitioner who can see her. Or they can refer you to the local urgent care center.

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8/9/13 11:30 A

my daughter is 3 years old. a coupel days ago i found some red spots on her face that looked like mosquito bites. and then she got little red dots on her face and some mosquito looking bites on her legs and arms. then today i seen her sratch her arm and came some more spots. i cant get her to see her doctor. id really like to know whats going on, im scared for her idk what to do):

its not chicken pox cause its not all over her body and she has no symptoms.
could it be bed bug bites? i know we dont have any.
could it be an allergic reaction? idk):

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