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9/24/11 10:46 A

Thanks for the answers - I amy try to download again. SparkPeople is great!

PATTIMET Posts: 657
9/23/11 9:21 P

I've had similar issues - it seems that it is intermediate. I use the sparkpeople mobile through my browser on my iphone. I find it's friendlier that the app. I find the small area to touch is common issues in a lot of things on the iphone.

Wish that either of them allowed adding milage to cardio.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,369
9/17/11 12:48 P

I haven't been able to replicate that issue. Did you try downloading it again (perhaps something went wrong the first time around)?

Coach Denise

9/17/11 8:25 A

Hi Everyone!
I am not a very technical person, but am able to use some gadgets. I downloaded the SP app to my iPhone and used for a couple weeks. I thought these things were made to make life easier! I was constantly entering information into the wrong day - it appears the application does not start on your current day. Each day you need to change the date, which I find very frustrating because the space to touch is so small, it usually takes more than one or two tries. I've decided to delete it from my phone because it takes too much time and there are better tracking apps available. Don't get me wrong - I love SparkPeople - just not the app. Hope there are some changes made and I can come back. Thanks.

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