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JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,596
6/18/12 4:47 P

These are caffefine free sodas:

Coca-Cola Products

The Coca-Cola company offers 11 caffeine-free soft drinks. These include Fanta Grape, Fanta Orange, Fanta Pineapple, Fanta Strawberry, Fresca, Seagram's Ginger Ale, Sprite, Sprite Zero and Diet Barq's root beer. It also includes a caffeine-free version of their Coca-Cola and Diet Coke beverages.

Pepsi-Cola Products

The Pepsi-Cola company also offers several caffeine free soft drinks. These include all flavors of their Tropicana Twister sodas, all flavors of Sierra Mist, Mug root beer and cream soda, all flavors of Fiesta Mirinda, Kas Mas and Manzanita Sol, Kas Mas. Pepsi also offers caffeine free versions of Mountain Dew, Diet Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Wild Cherry Pepsi.

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Products

The Dr Pepper Snapple Group also creates many caffeine-free soft drinks. The company offers caffeine-free versions of Diet Dr Pepper and Diet Cherry Dr Pepper beverages. All flavors of the company's 7-Up, Crush, IBC and Vernors products do not contain caffeine. A&W Root Beer, A&W Diet Root Beer, Squirt, Diet Squirt and Canada Dry Ginger Ale also do not contain caffeine.

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THEATH1 Posts: 135
6/18/12 4:16 P

bubble bath or soapy bath water can also cause them.

GLENDAK72 Posts: 428
6/18/12 2:23 P

i am married so yes i am defiantly sexually active lol, that's a good tip never heard of that, that's what the dr said that caffeine adds to it and can cause it also she told me to eat yogurt everyday???? so confused

MORNINGGLORY609 Posts: 130
6/13/12 2:58 P

Well, this may be a little graphic, but, how often do you have sex? If you're frequently sexually active, then UTIs are fairly common. A good way to avoid them is to pee almost as soon as you're finished having sex.

In the way of caffeine, coffee, tea, choclate all contain caffeine, but avoiding it doesn't seem like a UTI remedy I've ever heard of. Hmmm..

Hope this helps!

GLENDAK72 Posts: 428
6/13/12 1:46 P

so i have been getting uti's very often and the dr says no more caffiene at all, heres the problem i dont really no what besides soda pop, really has caffiene in it can someone please messahe me and give me some advise about this, i only drink water and some juice now, i very rarely drink any soda pop at all......PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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