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8/21/13 8:05 P

A few years back, I was exhausted all the time. The doctor prescribed Synthroid for low thyroid function. It solved the problem. You might want to have your thyroid gland checked. There are also natural options you could look into, depending on what the problem is. I wish you well!

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8/21/13 7:52 P


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8/21/13 7:51 P


I agree. If you're feeling fatigued after sleeping for 8 hours, you must talk to your doctor. Many women don't realize that fatigue can be a sign of heart disease. Women shrug it off because they just think getting some sleep will help. No, the fatigue comes from your heart not being able to pump oxygenated blood through your body.

You could have a vitamin deficiency. Lack of certain vitamins can cause fatigue. You said you had a recent weight loss you can't explain. that's another reason to talk to your doctor especially if it might be related to a hospital stay.

Call them. Tell them what's happening. No one should feel constantly exhausted. they must be a reason and it's heart disease, you have to go now.

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
8/21/13 7:45 P

I'm not sure if you live in the north east but lack of energy could be due to lyme disease not sure if you got bit by a tick.... I also suffer from fibromyalgia and wow between that and lyme it seems if you slept 24 hrs you'd still be exhausted... good luck to you! I use to be engergetic to and it's tough when you don't feel like yourself

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8/21/13 7:35 P

I have gone to the doctor and all they want to do is increase my medicine. I am going to ask for a hormone test and hope they will let me have one

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8/21/13 7:06 P

I would strongly encourage you to go get a check-up from your local doctor and rule out any physical reason for your fatigue. It could well be the problem!

Thirty minutes is commendable, but perhaps you need to go a little easier on yourself and start with shorter walks. How about ten minutes? If that's too much, start with five minutes. I find when I'm out of shape (like right now) it's best to start with a shorter amount of time. Ten minutes is a great starting point. If that's all you do, then great! If you find after ten minutes you still feel like continuing, then great!
Hang in there.

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8/21/13 6:54 P

I have lost 16 lbs but not sure how I did it, I think it was when i was in hospital. I did manage to walk for 30 minutes but it was extremely hard. I am so tired of being completely exhausted and it starts in the morning when I had 8 hrs sleep. I cannot get anything done wasted days and wasted nights. I get so angry with myself as I have always had excellent energy. When I was younger people would always wonder how I could work 1 or 2 part time jobs along with a full time job. I cannot understand what happen. I heard somewhere when you had a hysterectomy that you might lack hormones. I wake up and am ready to go back to bed. Its killing me so much to do but cannot get it accomplished. I am open for any suggestions as I cant keep living this way. emoticon

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