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7/2/12 9:41 P

I'm thinking ApacheSteve is on the right path in that it is more psychological and that exacerbates this physical problem. Your guy is probably beating himself up pretty good.. If your guy doesn't get it together in a timely manner, I'd move on. You seem to be a nice girl waiting around for some dopey guy.

7/2/12 6:27 P

Sex is important and those believe otherwise are kidding themselves. It's personal, believe me. A relationship without active sex is only half a relationship. His back is injured? Ok, so "wild" sex is out but there are plenty of ways to enjoy sex without straight up in/out. Also, did you say he gets turned off when you bring it up? Oh yeah, it's personal.

Consider moving on...

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6/30/12 3:11 P

Hi Jenna, Is your bf back still bothering him? Sometimes we don't realize the physical strain sex puts on the body and I wonder if it is possible that the act causes him physical pain? Some pain meds also not only affects a guy's ability to "perform" but also can cause issues with his desire.
One other thing, many of us "guy" types make our entire self image out of our work. It is not just way we do but for many it is what we are. A poor self image can also do terrible things to a guy's desire.
Again my best guess is that it has nothing to do with you, but may well be something physical on his end. Who knows a little teasing by you, and then a first move may be just the right thing. However, don't get your feelings hurt if he may not be able to "respond".


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6/29/12 3:39 P

where to begin. my bpyfriend and i arnt the skinnest people in the world. and i am very much attracted to him and he recently hurt his back .being in pain and pretty much out of work he gained alot of weight. i want to have sex more often but he says when i bring it up it is a turn off. and im afraid to make a move on him just cause there is a high chance he could turn me down. any advice i see is good advice so please help fix my sex life

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