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11/11/11 4:38 P

Oh my gosh. Don't feel bad. How's this...... I ate 1/2 bag of Cheesies while watching a movie the other day. And I'm not talking a small bag!! I felt so bad afterwards but did I learn my leson? NO! I did it again two days later! I guess I'll just have to quit buying the darn things! They have become my worst temptation. Worse than chocolate! Does anyone else have a problem with eating one certain bad food all the time? Got any suggestions??

JDHAPPY Posts: 74
11/7/11 5:16 P

Don't beat yourself up over it. We went to the movies on Saturday night for the first time in a long time. I told myself all the way over there .... I will not have the popcorn, I will not have the popcorn ....... and what did I do? I stuffed my face with the popcorn ...... ugh. Woke up on Sunday and just got right back on track. It's hard but we can't be perfect all the time. Good luck!!!!!


JGROTH51 Posts: 1,093
11/7/11 11:59 A

Well, at least you are aware of your situation and, the best part, you have begun to take the first steps to make lifestyle changes....congrats!

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11/7/11 10:19 A

Good morning everyone....what a beautiful day the sun is shinning and a bit of wind but nice my husband & I just went for our walk and I'm feeling so good after a nice long walk...and yes I understand how hard it is to leave chocolate and the like alone but all we can do is try, and then encourage others, so come on I need some encouragement love to hear from you.

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11/6/11 7:16 P

I thank Sparkpeople for the support today. It motivated me to take a walk and then put something healthy on the stove.

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11/6/11 6:24 P

Welcome to Spark People. There are lots of us who understand what happens when one is lonely. When that happens, you can come here and contact someone else or write in your blog or read an article. emoticon


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11/6/11 6:01 P

I am 60. retired. i love my life . lounging around and eating bon bons. but now i've gained 10lbs. . my clothes don't fit. my energy level gets lower and lower every year.
i do exercise 6 days a week. in a circuit for 30 mins. i don't enjoy it, tho. i make my self go. to increase my endorphins and maybe burn a calorie or 2.
My yorkie dog, is my "family". i get lonely and binge on pasta or chocolate, sometimes.
i'm happy to have just joined sparkpeople. tomorrow i will get on track. with help. thanks jorginaj

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