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4/20/13 1:17 P

emoticon again. I have seen a dietician once when I was diagnosed with diabeties so I will do as u say n make an appt to see her again with copies of my nutrition n fitness.
Yes I'm glad to lose anything. Anything is better than nothing.
Thank u.

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4/20/13 10:01 A


According to your ticker, you only have about ten pounds left to lose. When you're that close to a healthy weight (or maybe already at a healthy weight but trying to develop a "safety margin"), then half a pound a week is NOT slow. It's not at all unusual to need a year to take off the last 15 pounds. It's frustrating, but your body just doesn't think those last 10 pounds need to go.

It might be helpful to put the scale away for a while and focus on your tracker instead-- make good nutrition and health your goal, instead of a specific weight. Once you're no longer seriously overweight, good nutrition is more important to your health than the scale is.

When I was losing the last 5-10 pounds, I put the scale away on a shelf I couldn't reach for 6 months. Instead of weight, I measured progress by how often I hit my calorie, fiber, and calcium targets, and I gave myself an exercise goal (training for a race/run.) From the way my clothes fit, I knew I wasn't gaining and might even be losing, but I deliberately tried not to worry about that. When I did finally bring out a stepladder and retrieve the scale, I had lost 6 pounds, which was all I needed to lose-- but I had done it without having to watch those numbers bob up and down. When you're losing an average of a pound a month, it's happening so slowly and unevenly that if you watch it week-to-week it looks like you're standing still or gaining. Paying attention to your health goals and ignoring your scale would spare you from seeing all that meaningless up-and-down.

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4/20/13 9:18 A

I'm also getting a notice that I'm not eating enough. My nutrition goal is also set for 1200 -1350 but I have a hard time eating that much due to health issues. If I eat more than about 1050 calories per day I stop losing weight. I have seen a dietician for diabetes and kidney disease and her only concern was that I might not be getting enough dairy. I am lucky to lose a half pound a week on 1100 cals and in fact have not lost anything in the past 3 weeks despite sticking as close as possible to my nutrition and exercise plans.

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Because of your many health issues, including Diabetes, I would strongly suggest that you ask your Dr for a referral to a Registered Dietitian, because yours is NOT a case of one size fits all. It would be a good idea to print off some of your Nutrition/Fitness reports so that she can see exactly what and how much you eat and compare that with the exercise you do. I know it helped my Dietitian big time and it enabled her to get to the route of the problem in a couple minutes flat. If you have to pay to see her (usually women) then then doing that would save a lot of money :-)

My best friend has MS, too, and this can impact on her in many ways, as it does obviously you.

I have Acid Reflux, Asthma and Allergies (they all often go hand-in-hand), have suffered severe depression, and DID have a very high Cholesterol even tho' on meds and a really healthy diet and I also was borderline pre-diabetic. I say "DID" because now I don't (still on meds tho') the bloods all came back perfectly normal. For that, the remedy was my weight-loss. After I lost about 50lb my Cholesterol and HbA1c normalized :-)

Congratulations on your weight Loss - that is some that you no longer have to worry about emoticon

Kris xxx

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4/20/13 7:54 A

Thank u cmcole. O I am. She is a very sweet wise person.

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Thank u Kris. Thank u for everything. emoticon
Yes I just had the works with bloodwork. I have diabeties, Ms, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, tachycardia, and a skin disease, depression n anxiety, asthma, oh ya I forgot one lol acid reflux. For everything I take 1 to 3 pills daily. I take a total of 17 different meds a day.
So Idk it could b anyone of them making it hard to lose.
So what would u suggest? Increasing cals or decrease exercise? I want to get back down to 145 lbs. I'm not in a hurry to get there but it would b sweet to b there this time next year. I wonder if it has anything to do with the Ms? With it I sleep alot every afternoon bout 1 I have to take a nap n it isn't no 20 min one I sleep 2-3 hours. Then I go to bed at 9 at night n sleep thru the night n get up at 6 in the morning. So I wonder if its too much sleep?
Should I just b happy with the way things r going? I did step on the scale this mornin and saw a 7 oz loss.
I thank u very much.

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4/20/13 7:17 A

definitely take a serious look at the other response.
She's a wise person, and has some very valid points.

Best wishes in your journey to health

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4/19/13 7:53 P

Hi Theresa - I had a peek at your Nutrition/Fitness Tracker - MAN you do some exercise. You shouldn't need to do that amount, and certainly not so often.

I see what you mean about the calories, and I also understand why you got that message about them. You really DO need to eat quite a bit more to sustain that exercise. As an example, one day you consumed 1224 calories but burned 471. 1200 calories is the bare minimum for an average weight woman who is sedentary.

Considering that most of the exercises that I saw involved weights, you may find that THAT is part of the reason why you started to gain weight. You are developing more muscle, as well as defining what muscle you have. This extra muscle needs more fluid to maintain it.

As far as only losing a couple ounces a day, a lot of people would DIE for that!! My weight-loss amounted to 50lb in the first 16 months. It was a slow loss, yes, but guess what??? I am still heaps lighter than I was before I started this journey. I sat there for a year and then decided to move on down, having now reached my goal after having been overweight for about 30 years. The slow losses are actually more beneficial in that they are more likely to stay off.

If you re-enter in all your information correctly re the amount and type of exercise you are doing, and have a realistic goal of no more than a couple lb a week, then SP will give you an accurate nutrition range to aim for. It is best to rely on that rather than guess work, but if you still have problems, then seeking the help of a Registered Dietitian can be helpful - you Dr can easily refer you to one.

I read your SparkPage, and am very sorry for you tragic loss. Are you on any medications which can make it even more difficult to lose weight? I would guess that your Doctors have checked for conditions such as hypothyroidism as well? If not, it may be wise to ask for some bloods to be done to check for this sort of thing.

I wish you a successful outcome on this healthy lifestyle journey.

Take care,

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4/19/13 7:00 P

Hi my name is Theresa. I am getting a notice on my fitness tracker page that I am not taking in enough calories for the amount of calories I'm burning. It is setup for 1200-1550 so I been taming in between 1200 n 1400 cals a day. I got this same notice a week or so ago so I reset my nutrition tracker for the amount of exercise I have been doin but I started gaining weight so I went back down to 1200-1550 cals but ranging bout 1300 cals for a day n I'm only losin a couple ounces a day. I'm doing between 30-130 mins of exercise a day. So how many calories do u think I should take in daily to lose this weight?

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