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6/29/10 1:12 A

I find this topic interesting because I recently had a conversation about exercise with my 2.5 year old daughter. She wanted to know why someone was running. I told her he was getting some exercise, and explained that people exercise because it feels good to use your body. Now she'll run around, "I exercise, Mommy!" Sure hope it sticks.

6/28/10 7:54 P

One thing we do is family outings on the weekend, often just Sunday but sometimes Saturday too, that involve a lot of walking or biking. Last week we went to the state park and walked up to see a waterfall, the weekend before that we took the kids roller blading. The ones that were out of shape figured out long ago that family outings weren't going to be fun if they were flabby, so they now join their father or me in walking (me) and running and biking with their dad.
We also have a rule, no desert unless you exercised. It applies to everyone living at home including the 19yo (who can drive out and get her own desserts, but still whimpers when she sees she's missing something delicious just because she didn't run half a mile.

6/28/10 11:58 A

There isn't a lot that will motivate teens other than money or video games. Sit them down and talk with them to see what they want. If they don't want to get the weight off now you are fighting a lost cause. If they are up to it them maybe you can write down with them what things you can all do as a family to get healthy. Set goals and let the rewards be something that they have been wanting.

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6/26/10 4:45 P

Maybe if you limited their TV watching that would help? Let each one pick one show per day to watch and then off it goes... maybe your family could take a walk together each night after dinner, walk the dog, go swimming, etc.? Just some ideas :-)

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6/26/10 1:13 P

My kids are not over over weight maybe 5-7 pounds which doesn't seem like a lot but I could remember when I had just 7 pounds I wanted to lose ... I blinked and those 7 turned into 20, 30, ...60+ pounds! I do not want my kids to struggle later in life. I want healthy eating and exercise to be part of their natural routine, something they do without much thought. I was never taught this, I had to learn later in life and yes you can teach and old dog new tricks BUT dang it's hard to undo years of bad habits! I control the food and snacks because I go grocery shopping and do all the cooking but how do you motivate teenagers to exercise????

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