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2/2/11 2:41 P

I'm like you. I've been losing inches all over my body except for my thighs... blah! BUT I found a great DVD that targets your legs and even has a inner thigh only work out. I've accepted the fact that my thighs may never be "thin" like they used to so I'm just going to make them "thick" with muscle... I've only used the video a few times but have noticed a change in the jiggle already lol.

Denise Austin "Best Bun and Leg Shapers"

2/2/11 8:58 A

Cardio is what makes you lose fat.

Genetics and body makeup determines where your body chooses to lose that fat.

As for toning LUNGES AND SQUATS will KILL you while you are doing them...but they are sooo great at getting results.

FYI - push yourself during the lunges and squats. Add weights (if you don't have weights, use two filled waterbottles instead).

When you are doing lunges make sure you are pushing off with the heel of your forward foot. That makes you feel the lunge in your thighs/butt area in your back leg. When you lunge, it is an up and down motion, NOT back and forth.

When you are doing the squats, make sure you are leaning into your heels and pushing from your heels and getting your butt down to just above your knees. To avoid injury, make sure that when you are bending your knees, the knees never come over the toe. You can hyperextend that way.

Once you are getting the correct form, you will feel the difference in the exercise and see results for sure!!

Best of luck!

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2/1/11 1:11 P

lol lipo... or mass weightloss...
i find for myself walking for 30 minates or an hour on "off" day is great!
cardio 4xs a wk is key and 10 minates of crunchies in the morning does the trick. but everybody is differant.

1/28/11 9:27 P

Leg lifts and walking?

BROADBRUSH Posts: 1,806
1/28/11 9:19 P

it is a genetic thing for sure. all my weight is on my thighs which are enormous and my upper arms. it is like i have eight appendages. i am afraid to get liposuction- but i know when i get to my goal weight again, not much will change - never has even with all kinds of exercise routines, massage and radio wave therapy WHICH HURT LIKE HELL.
so the only thing is to dress appropriately = it ok though = as long as i can walk and wave= any surgery may not be the case afterwards - it is not worth tampering with . BB

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1/23/11 10:54 A

Rigorous cardio will get rid of extra fat, and I personally like toning my thighs with squats. I feel like in general, it's difficult for a woman to get truly BULKY unless she's trying very hard to.

Some people just simply seem to have larger thighs though, and that's okay. Honestly? It's sexy! Look at Kim Kardashian! Maybe not all guys love larger legs, but I think I can safely say that any guy I've ever asked thinks that girls like Kim are absolutely smoking. So I wouldn't worry too much if exercising doesn't make them as slim as you want. Strong legs are amazingly beautiful!

KLB037 Posts: 723
1/23/11 10:45 A

Good question!! The thighs have always been the joke in the family for the girls. They seem to be passed on each generation.

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1/22/11 12:20 P

HAILS, I feel you. My thighs have always been the biggest part of me, and while I've already lost 2.5 inches in them, I'm starting a new exercise class that involves a lot of squats. I can barely walk for two days after the class because they get such a big workout. I'm worried that they'll bulk up, but I have to keep in mind that a muscular thigh looks better than a jiggly thigh and that this is always about a healthier lifestyle. And, when I lost the 2.5 inches, I was still using my legs for exercises (treadmill and elliptical) and they still got smaller as I shed the fat.

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1/22/11 11:44 A


Unfortunately we cannot spot other words choosing the location to shrink the fat cells. Following a healthy nutrition plan is key to losing weight all over, however genetics is the major determinant for where we store our fat.

I hope this helps!

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1/22/11 11:18 A

Im interested in toning my arms and abs, but would like to lose inches in my legs. I wouldn't mind losing inches everywhere else also, but I know some workouts will cause the legs to get bigger. How do I make them smaller?

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