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2/18/12 6:29 P

You can also Google "$100 a week groceries" (I just did--it works) for ideas. I think the main thing is to set aside common notions such as kids need milk, meals need to be based on meat, we all need a lot of protein, etc..


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2/16/12 8:22 A

If you do a search on the board for "budget" or "grocery" (especially on the diet and nutrition board), you'll come up with several threads that contain a LOT of great ideas.

If you're working with a budget, you may have to compromise on whatever meal plan you're using, because cooking for yourself and then separately for the rest of the family will probably make you overspend...and make you resentful for having to cook so much.

Look at your meal plan and then swap out similar items that your family will eat. Make small changes to the way you cook, gradually over time. Your family may not even notice a lot of them if you don't make a big deal out of it.

Shop the sales and buy your produce in season. Stock up on items you use often when they're at rock bottom price. If you have more than one grocery store nearby, you can "cherry pick" the really good sale items at the more expensive store and then buy everything else at the more economical store. If you have an Aldi, Sav-A-Lot, or other no frills store in your area, try them out. I have a more upscale store near my house that I go to for produce on sale (their produce is always really good) and any other good deals from the flyer; then I go to my regular store for the rest.

You can do this, but you have to change your mindset and be willing to put some work into it. My days of wandering around the store and picking up whatever I want are over forever.

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2/16/12 2:23 A

Well.. as far as eating healthy on a budget... I absolutely love the dollar stores here. I live in California and they have a chain of them called 99cent stores. I think they are all over the west states but im not sure. But what is great about them is that they carry fresh produce and its all 99cents. I am working with a budget too.. and what I do is basically make my "rounds" of the stores. I start at the 99 store. Get what I can based on what they have at the time. Then I move onto a store called Fresh & Easy. That store is expensive but they have a "sale fridge" where they put stuff that is almost past its freshness date in. Stuff is marked WAY down and is always still good to eat. But if you dont have these two stores in your area.. the concept is the same. Find dollar stores and stock up on things like canned veggies and beans, low fat milk (if they have a fridge) eggs or whatever. Go to your local health food stores and find out if they have a sale area for dated items and check it often. Also sign up for the health food stores mailers and/or sale ads. Another place I go on my route is WalMart. They have pretty decent prices on things but be careful because its easy to buy bad foods there. I go directly to the frozen fish freezer and grab the bags of Wild Caught Salmon.. costs about 4.50 and you get 4 peices of frozen salmon fellets. I eat them every other day or so. Throw em in the microwave for 2 mins then in the pan with olive oil/ garlic & soy sauce (drizzle a little honey on one side for a little awesome sweet kick). Cook in the pan for about 3-5 mins and they are good to go. I will even throw in mushrooms, spinach, sprouts, broccoli, carrots, or snow peas... just choose from those and you got a super healthy little stir fry with salmon. Add some fruit for desert and you are good to go. But anyway, yeah... just always be keeping an eye on as many stores as you can in your area for sales and specials or coupons. I only buy from chain stores if they have deals. You can eat healthy on a budget if you can find the time to shop smart. Oh, and as far as what your kids like or dislike... I would say to stick to the healthy options because they will eat what is available most likely. Hope that helps a little. :) I know its rough on a budget.

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2/16/12 12:07 A

Buy your dry goods (and anything else you can) in bulk. Buy meat that's on sale and produce that in season.

You don't have to follow the meal plan exactly. There's a built-in substitution list, but any other foods that you like that are nutritionally similar would work just as well.

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2/15/12 11:57 P

In my part of the country on that type of budget your main supply would be beans, rice and vegetables... good luck on finding frugal ways to make delicious meals from scratch and on a limited budge the internet is loaded with ideas. Maybe others will chime in with some ideas.

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2/15/12 11:31 P

I have 3 other people to feed. most of the food on my weekly meal planner my daughter doesn't like.

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