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BCVWDW Posts: 389
7/20/10 3:26 P


ADKONKLE SparkPoints: (38,702)
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Posts: 875
7/20/10 12:36 P

Too much, was under control, but creeping back in.

Still making decent choices most of the time. The Mc Frappe is a problem.

7/20/10 11:11 A

I travel for work, so I eat out for two weeks out of the month. You have to be defensive in this situation.

FITPRO77 Posts: 1,821
7/20/10 9:15 A

about 1-2

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
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7/20/10 8:51 A

It keeps going down, but usually it's out with clients for lunch, which varies wildly. Sometimes 0 times per months, sometimes 5. Usually with the family about 1-2 times per month. I usually go with healthy options.

MALLEUSMIKE Posts: 1,006
7/19/10 1:28 P

2-3 times a month, primarily brunch after church

MANDMDAD Posts: 550
7/19/10 11:39 A

2-3x per month I'll go out with the family and let loose. We'll go to Mexican or pizza or burgers and I eat what I want.

I firmly believe letting down your guard a few times a month is not how I got to be 100 pounds overweight. It was letting down my guard at every meal (and in between).

BIGBADED SparkPoints: (0)
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7/19/10 10:26 A

Once maybe Twice a week

GETNFITGUY SparkPoints: (23,650)
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7/16/10 9:38 A

Maybe one meal a week. We do really well on not eating out. My wife and I are meeting for lunch today at Ruby Tuesdays (BOGO mailer).

Which reminds me, time to hop on their website and check the nutritional facts and plan what I'm going to order. I don't know if anyone else does this, but its a good way to stay in control when eating out. I never look at menu's if I'm able to do some "pre-screening".

RCMAPLES SparkPoints: (177,501)
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7/16/10 12:14 A

maybe 3x a month, maybe...

RGRJOE175 Posts: 469
7/15/10 10:00 P

Probably at least 20 meals a week. I travel.

I have learned the healthy way of eating out.

I also tell the waiters, no butter on anything, veggies steamed, fish or chicken grilled, if it comes out with it. I send it back, speak to the manager and walk out. I would rather walk than sabotage myself. There is always another restraunt that will do it...LOL

I am a Diamond VIP with Hilton, I always frequent the same hotels so I tell the front desk to give me bottled water with no snacks or candy.

It is simple.


--MEOW-- Posts: 4,618
7/15/10 7:40 P

:S... I don't... know...
o_O... you are... uhhmm....
what the...!?
... what's with the 'photoshopped' pic? xD... omg is that some kind of.... weird fetish???
emoticon uhh never mind...

CCBRAGA Posts: 329
7/15/10 6:07 P

Is that a tumor?

MR167LBS Posts: 16
7/15/10 5:12 P

or drinks or anything? my thing is frappes from mcdonalds. but they're like 700 calories in just a frozen drink! what's yours?

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